26/11 attack: Who is the Honey Bee?


It’s been 5 years since the gory attack of 26/11 unfolded in Mumbai. The attack was meticulously planned by the enemies of the Nation. Places which suffered the most were Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Leopold Cafe, Taj Mahal Hotel, Oberoi Trident, Nariman House. Police officers and NSG launched massive campaigns to secure the sites and flush out the enemy. I would not jog you further through the details of the event as most of it was run live on news channels for 100 hours.

who is honeybee

The investigations of the attack remain open-ended with many significant questions unanswered. Things were almost in the cold baggage until a new book called ‘The Siege: The Attack on the Taj’ was released few weeks before the fifth anniversary of 26/11 attack. Authors of the book, Adrian Levy and Cathy have revealed some unknown facts. Some of the news websites have now started publishing excerpts from the book. This book re-affirms the fact that the extent of revelation in the whole 26/11 episode is far lesser than whats remain hidden between the maze of Intelligence agencies files and transcripts.

sri sri in arunachal
When 26/11 terrorist attack happened in Mumbai i was in Itanagar. Almost a week later  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji visited capital of Arunachal Pradesh, Itanagar. An Advanced Meditation course was happening around that time. Addressing the participants on 5th December, Sri Sri spoke with his usual conviction. He said it is impossible to carry out an attack of such a magnitude without ground support. He added that there were at least 10 collaborators working in tandem with Pakistani terrorists of 26/11(The new book calls these collaborators ‘rats’). In his message, he asked the political leaders to not merely blame other nations for the attacks, but also attend to the problem of home-grown terrorism without which such acts are not possible. The striking fact of the whole statement was that it was made way before the whole investigation began. Mumbai was coming to terms with the aftermath of the attack.

Next day Sri Sri reached Mumbai to lead a multi-faith prayer for lost lives and to heal people who were still under the trauma of gun shots and an unprecedented blood bath on the streets of Mumbai. In the meantime, Art of Living had launched a full blown trauma relief program to heal the wounds of Mumbaikars who were finding it difficult to sleep, work and get on with daily life.

Sri Sri cut short his programs abroad to bring support to Mumbai  under his guidance. The Art of Living initiated trauma relief workshops and counseling especially for people living in the areas that were under the siege including employees of the Oberoi-Trident hotels.

Sri Sri’s remarks of ‘ten internal hands working in tandem’ were different from the normal Pakistan bashing that arises in media. I was finding it tough to believe that there was any local support to the dastardly act. Though the Mumbai police chief initially said that there was local support to the attack, the commission set up by the Government of India never investigated along these lines.

In the subsequent investigations, news about local leaders supporting the act started trickling down. All details of this can be googled with some effort. Truth has strange ways of coming out in open. After 5 years of the heinous act now there is a book on the subject by two authors. The book is named ‘The Siege: The Attack On The Taj’. The amount of information that they have unearthed contains more information than the various dossiers which India sent to Pakistan.

26-11-art of living
Significant thing is that the two authors, through their elaborate research, have established what Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said just a week after the 26/11 attack. The book claims that there were 10 local collaborators on ground who were assisting Azmal Kasab and his 9 friends from across the border. The book ‘The Siege: The Attack On The Taj’ is definitely going to be an interesting read.

Truth is trickling down after years of deception and obfuscation by vested interests. Perhaps justice will be delivered to 26/11 martyrs when ‘Honeybee’ (ISI agent in Indian Govt) will be found and prosecuted.

Once again  Sri Sri  has amazed me through his prescience and foresight on various national and international issues.

Note: The blog is updated with inputs from Anisha Jalan. Its been 5 year since the event and author is grateful to Anisha for furnishing the right chronology of events.

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  1. He doesn’t just say things ….whatever He speaks always has very deep meaning even though it may seem ordinary at that moment. He is everywhere, in everyone who believes in Him, and He knows everything.

  2. In 2003 Dec Sri Sri had foreseen a mega natural calamity while giving his new year message for 2004 to a newspaper. When tsunami wreaked havoc in Dec 2004, I could not help remembering Sri Sris words. He knows it all and yet plays as if He knows nothing.

  3. Yes he knows. He can give solution to most complex socio-political issues. provided our leaders understand & respects the Great spiritual master like Sri Sri.

  4. Incredible write up! Yes, HE foresees everything! Now, it’s high time people in general to get this message & turn to spirituality so that we can have a better society & definitely a Better India.

  5. Though we have seen so many cases of Sri Sri giving hints of knowing the exact things but still everytime I read about Him it is so exciting! Nice article

  6. Nicely written.. NExt year I believe India will be a nation to reckon with! Strength.. spirituality and developement! For sure the new Govt will chose their guide who is always available 🙂 NAMO-NARAYANA! 🙂

  7. Just a few months earlier (in a satsang ,somwhere)Guruji ‘d asked everyone to remain alert till a particular period of days and keep on chanting Om namah sivaya. !.I had even put up this msz on my Fb wall which I d received through n Fb friend ..Indeed I missed a heart beat when the news came up on TV about the terrible Bomb blast n an island emerging frm the middle of the ocean in Pakistan ! Guruji’s Divya Dristi ..I bow to.. JGD

  8. What we feel a cool reply from his poised and unfazed persona, is just the surface. The content has a deep, intrigued meaning. HE KNOWS IT ALL. HE KNOWS US ALL… jgd

  9. Interesting article.. For those of us who have known Sri Sri, its “normal” for him to see beyond time and space! I sincerely hope the perpetrators of this heinous crime are sent to the correct destination..

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