In Pursuit of Happiness – Part-II


Rishi Vidyadharji beautifully revealed the mechanics of happiness. He told that, “Happiness (Sukh) is moving towards the ‘Self’ or uniting with your ‘Self’ and un-happiness (Dukh) is going away from the ‘Self’”.

Naturally question arises in the mind, why moving towards the ‘Self’ gives us happiness? What is the nature of this ‘Self’?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says, “Self is the consciousness that everything is made up of. That is you, and everything around you.”

To understand the nature of this ‘Self’ one should understand the five aspects of the Universe.




Five aspects of the Universe

According to the Vedanta, each object in this universe or the entire universe as such has five aspects:

  1. Asti : Asti is ‘is-ness’ or that it is.
  2. Bhati : Bhati means knowingness/expression – it knows and expresses.
  3. Preeti : Preeti means Love – it Loves.
  4. Nama : Nama is name or word or words.
  5. Rupa : Rupa refers to forms.

The first three aspects viz. Asti, Bhati and Preeti belong to this universal consciousness or the ‘Self’. The last two aspects viz. Nama and Rupa are said to be the gross aspects of this Universe.

Even though words have been used to explain the meanings of Asti (it exists), Bhati (it is self–effulgent) and Preeti (it loves); words fail to convey the actual truth. These three aspects of ‘Self’ are beyond explanation. Words can only create some concepts in mind but these aspects are beyond any concepts.

Sometimes during deep meditation you may be aware that you ‘exist’, but you don’t know who you are, where you are, what you are. This particular experience is the result of the aspect of consciousness called as ‘Asti’.

The ‘Self’ expresses itself through millions of ways. The whole Universe is organized and works according to certain rules because of the aspect of ‘Self’ known as ‘Bhati’. ‘Bhati’ is the basis of all the knowledge and expression in this world, it is the basis of all scientific discoveries and the basis of all understanding.

‘Preeti’ is unconditional, unblemished, infinite, divine Love. This aspect of ‘Self’ is the basis of all other distortions of love we experience in our daily life. It is love which moves the world.

Nama and Rupa are said to be the gross aspects (or the aspects of matter).

Mind gives labels to all that it perceives through its five senses. These labels are nothing but word(s). All our thoughts are also words. Almost all our memories are nothing but words. This particular aspect of the Universe is called as ‘Nama’.

Eyes perceive the world through so many forms or images. Whatever we perceive through our eyes gets recorded in memory as some image or form. All these forms and images we perceive is ‘Rupa’.

Usually Nama & Rupa go hand in hand. All our perceptions, thoughts, memories, imagination and all the mental garbage of the past, present & future is nothing but words and images or Nama and Rupa.

‘Self’ existed even before the creation, it is existing in the creation and will exist even after the end of this creation. ‘Self’ is not bound by space and time whereas Nama and Rupa  belong to the space-time continuum.  In the Nasadiya Sukta(also known as the Hymn of Creation – Rigveda 10:129), it is said that the first thing to manifest from the ‘Self’ was a ‘desire’ which was the primal seed of the whole manifest creation. That ‘desire’ is nothing but a vibration or Nama which was the root cause of manifestation of gross Universe (space-time continuum). Hence Nama and Rupa are said to be the aspects of the gross or the aspects of the matter.

The ‘Self’ is all pervading universal consciousness. Everything emerges from it, sustains inside it and gets dissolved in it. The world as we see it, is in fact existing inside this ‘Self’. ‘Self’ is the substratum of this world and much more than that. The entire Universe exists as one organism or one system because of this all-pervading ‘Self’. Everything and everyone in this Universe is connected with each other at some subtlest level because of this ‘Self’. As individual human beings, we exist in this ‘Self’ and are connected with each other through this ‘Self’. For every one of us, the ‘Self’ is very personal because it is at the core of our existence; and at the same time the ‘Self’ is Universal as it is the same for everyone.

Different Religions call this ‘Self’ by different names like ‘God’, ‘Divine’, ‘Bhagwan’, ‘Allah’ etc. However, all religions unanimously agree that, it is omnipresent (all pervading), omniscient (all knowing) and omnipotent (almighty, supreme).

If the ‘Self’ or God is all pervading, then it must be present in you and me also. Then why don’t we get a direct experience of this ‘Self’ or God? Why don’t we display that supreme power, infinite knowledge and all pervasiveness of the ‘Self’?

Direct experience of ‘Self’ is not possible because we are totally caught up in Nama and Rupa and the ‘Self’ is beyond all Nama and Rupa. A thick veil of illusion created by Nama and Rupa keeps us away from experiencing this universal consciousness. Maya or illusion is getting caught up in Nama (words) and Rupa (images). This thick veil of illusion is ever changing, but the ‘Divine’ underlying it is the unchanging truth. Even in deep meditation, when the veil of this illusion is very thin or non-existent, it is not possible to experience ‘God’ as a separate entity because the experiencer, the faculty of experience and the object of experience all are one only.

Preeti or the unconditional love is the basic nature of this ‘Self’. Hence the ‘Self’ can be experienced only as a fountain of divine love and joy deep inside us. However during our mundane existence we are not able to experience this pure Love because of the thick veil of ignorance around us. Whenever and wherever this thick veil of Nama and Rupa is lifted (or thinned down even for a moment) we experience that pure divine love emanating from the ‘Self’ and we become instantly happy. Love (Preeti) is the only reason for our happiness when we move towards the ‘Self’ and it is also the reason for our unhappiness when we move away from the ‘Self’.

Every living being longs for this love and happiness. Ignorance is seeing happiness in Nama and Rupa. Wisdom is knowing that love is our very existence and happiness is our birth right.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says, “Love is not an emotion. It is your very existence.”




…. To be continued……………

 In Pursuit of Happiness – Part-I


Jai Gurudev

Sanjay Sabnis

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Sanjay Sabnis


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