Story of an exceptional mother & her sons

A story about Mother's Love and how her lullaby changes everything for a child.


It was the first day of Navaratri of 2018.  I was preparing to settle down into the sacred mood of honoring the motherly presence permeating our Universe. And out of nowhere a beautiful gift fell into my lap. Literally. I watched this video forwarded on my mobile by a friend and it blew me away completely. The video showed a German lady singing ancient Sanskrit verses. I had never heard these chants before. It started off with the lines –

शुद्धोसि बुद्धोसि निरंजनोऽसि

संसारमाया परिवर्जितोऽसि

संसारस्वप्नं त्यज मोहनिद्रा

मदालसोल्लपमुवाच पुत्रम्।

Suddhosi Buddhosi Niranjanosi

Samsāra Māyā Parivar jitosi

Samsāra svapanam traija mohan nidram

Madalasollapamuvacha putram

I was hooked onto every word of this song from the beginning and began to look for more information. Soon, I discovered it’s origin. Queen Madalsa has sung this song over 10,0000 years ago. She would sing it while rocking the cradle of her little sons. It is part of the Madalasa Upadesha or Putropadesha – the teachings of Queen Madalsa to her children.

So the story goes that Madalasa was the queen of King Ritudhwaja. She was an enlightened queen. In due course of time, she gave birth to her first child, Vikrant. When her baby prince was crying, Madalsa didn’t try to divert the child’s attention with toys or fancy objects. Instead, she chose to introduce her son to the ultimate Truth. She sang these words of highest wisdom to calm him down.

Since Madalasa was a self-realized soul, her words had a colossal impact on the baby. As she kept illuminating her little son through her cradle song, the son grew up with wisdom. As soon as he was seven years old, he went to the mountains to live the life of a yogi. Madalsa facecloth birth to a second son, named Subahu. Madalasa brought him up in the same way as she had her first-born. Subahu also grew into a great renunciate and moved into the forest to engage himself in penance. The same happened with Shatrumardan, the third son. It is said that with the influence of Madalsa’s unique education all the three sons soon experienced God-realization.

The king became angry and fearful about the fact that all his children had left the kingdom to live in the forest. He picked up a quarrel with the queen. And he was able to extract a promise from her to spare the fourth son so that he could be trained to take over the reins of the kingdom. So, Alarka the fourth son was educated differently by Madalsa. To him, she sang songs of valour. She nurtured him with songs that would make him a great king who would protect his kingdom and make it prosperous. She taught him to be caring and kind to others. Alarka grew up to be a righteous king and a mighty warrior. However, later on, his mother’s teachings were instrumental in putting him on the path of true wisdom and he too became a brahmagyani.

Madalsa’s great sankalpa that the children who entered her womb will become free from the worldly bondage of illusion and ignorance was thus fulfilled. Such is the power of intentions and words of a mother who is centered in her being.

I was thrilled to discover the story of this extraordinary mother. Unfortunately, like many significant aspects of Indian history, this story too appears to have gone into oblivion. The nine verses of Madalsa Upadesa can be found in Chapters 25-30 of the Markandeya Purana, one of the eighteen ‘great Purāṇas’, and said to be narrated by Rishi Mārkandeya.

As I was celebrating the discovery of this priceless expression of the highest wisdom and sharing it with everyone I met that week, the Universe signaled that its bag of goodies had more in store! On the last day of Navratri when I was attending the evening satsang at Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Ashram, I heard the familiar words of Madalasa, but sung in totally different tune. What a beautiful surprise!  The singers were singing my favourite lullaby and the experience was deeply transcendental.

Hearing the song of Madalsa live felt like a boon was granted. It also salvaged my pride as an Indian, since despite all my efforts I was unable to find an Indian version of this song. The full rendition of Madalasa Upadesa at Art of Living Satsang is probably the first ever by any Indian in modern time.

You can listen to it here.

In another satsang that I attended recently, I heard Gurdev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar advise a busy working mother to play Madalsa Upadesha to her little children when she asked him a question about how to deal with the guilt of not being able to give enough time to them.

Queen Madalsa’s story is an inspiring example of the great influence that a mother wields over the child from the start. Her powerful words can shape not only the destiny of our children but also help us reach our own light.

Mamattha Kailkhura

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  1. That’s why it is said that mother is the first teacher of a child. What an enlightening story, beautifully written. Loved reading every word

  2. Awesome stormy for any person n specially for a mother

    Thank u so much
    I can’t thank u enough for this

    Jai Gurudev

  3. What a coincidence!
    I was too mesmerized by the Sanskrit chants of the German lady. Heard it many times..!!
    And Yes , I too cudnt find the same Madalsa Chants sung by any Indian.
    … Feeling so good reading ur story.
    So beautifully explained . Now those chants are more closer to heart after knowing the history behind it. The Power of those mantras . And effect of them on a small growing baby . Keep Sharing ❤️. Love reading such articles.

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