Ajmal Kasab: a symptom of deeper malaise


What is the objective of Mumbai Police? It is surely not to create martyrs.

If law and order is the objective, then there is much to be desired in their level of preparedness. It is important to identify the clutter wherever it may be and clear it to pave way for preparedness for action.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that organisations need structure, procedures and efficiency. During the Taj siege by terrorists, had the police been equipped with effective bullet proof vests and correct combat procedures then the casualty could have been lesser. Unfortunately, the Mumbai Police were in the habit of attending to conflicts. There was no preparedness to graduate to the level of combat. 26/11 is a wake up call to ensure that our police force is well trained, well equipped and organizationally aware of the seriousness of procedural compliances. It is important to have our men and women in uniform ready for combat.

Ajmal Kasab is only a symptom. At 18, he could not have envisioned the deadly operations of 26/11. The other nine too could not have conceptualized the Mumbai attack, sitting in their hideouts in Pakistan. The Mumbai terror operation was a result of meticulous planning, recruitment and training. The young impressionable minds have been injected with dogmas. These innocent minds in Pakistan were indoctrinated by very matured and seasoned mentors. It is important for us to decode this content coming in the garb of mentoring.
These mentors themselves were born innocent and brought up in an environment that nurtured extremism.

Perhaps, it is from the ideology that they acquired the tendency to think narrowly and divisively about people who shared a different set of values. The researchers have enough to keep busy if they pursue this possibility of deconstructing an environment that breeds extremism.

World-wide, people are driven to activities to produce and exchange goods and services to get relief from pain or increase the quantum of pleasure. This has been a perennial human endeavor for which standards have been set worldwide.

Some extreme ideology claims to be a panacea for pain and promises enhancement of pleasure. Being educated in such theologies alone freezes the mind in certain primitive fundamentals of living and creates a fertile ground to breed militant extremism. It is evident that such a conducive environment for militant extremism can exist only as islands within larger demography of secular, educated and enterprising people.

Coming back to Mumbai Police, if their state of alertness and tactic and strategy of combat were at its optimum then the attackers would not have even reached the shores of India. If the intelligence services, law enforcement agencies and the coast guard had been on high alert, action against the stealth visitors would have been inevitable.

The secular and enterprising superset needs to learn its lesson fast. Do we know to what extent complacency and slack has gripped us? Can we agree that somewhere within our super sets are islands which are potent with potential for violence?

A magnifying glass on this island will show a high density of fundamentalist mentors recruiting young people who are non-engaged in gainful work, disgruntled with social suffocations and stifled with economic burdens. The truth is visible. But the population may be unwilling to acknowledge its own weakness of complacency.

When will the time come for the moderate population to sound the bugle? It is up to you and me together to recognize the warnings and to sound the red alert, for in our midst could be the next Ajmal Kasab.

The world over, people are gravitating to a unique bugle that attracts people for enabling their own inward journey through meditative practices and deep breathing techniques. They claim to be able to diffuse the tendencies of volatility within themselves. Such large population, with a heightened profile of global brotherhood, needs to organize and march forward to the islands of violence.

The ideology that flourishes by instigating innocent minds and intimidating societies, must be substituted with proficiency in deep meditation and theology of humanism. We are lucky that the symptom called Ajmal Kasab has alerted to us that it is time to discover and diffuse the cause. 21/11/12 is the beginning.

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Vinod Kumar


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