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Everyone wishes to be a bird. To be able to fly high up in the sky whenever they want, wherever they want. But I for once would want to be a kite.

Why a kite ?

A kite,  Colorful and Light… Able to reach the heights and yet stay connected to the ground. Bouncing in the air merrily. A splash of color in the monotone of the skies. And lastly a messenger.

A kite can reach as high as it want but not without the support of the string and the bearer of the string. People often call themselves as the puppets in the hands of God. But I feel that God has designed us all as kites. We all are similar, and yet so different. We are the kites and God is our string bearer, the string being our lifelines in the form of our family, friends, teachers and all those random people who help us reach the heights in our lives.

And as kites lets not forget few things…

We should remember that however high we reach we should not forget the grounds and roots from where we emerge. We should always remember our humble beginnings and never be arrogant about our achievements because the kite that flies the highest has more chances of being cut and falling.

Art of Living Blog - kite ground

We should never forget our lifelines – -the string of the kite, if ignored, can lead to the kite being cut. A kite without the string has perhaps no identity. Without the string it’s a mere piece of frail paper. There’s life in a kite because it is attached to the string. Similarly, we are nothing without the ones who have sacrificed for us, our families, our friends. We cannot live on our own and that is a fact. Even a hermit needs to commune with the nature and that is how he survives. And so we need the communication, we need the communion.

We should have faith in the one holding the string. He is the one who will guide us through all the tribulations. The one who subjects us to the tension because he believes enough in our capabilities that we can face them. We should never forget that he is the one who is holding our strings. When we face tensions, even his hands get cuts. Just goes to say that he shares our pain equally. Trusting him is all that is needed.

Art of Living Blog- fallen kite on the ground

And lastly, let us not fret when the kite gets cut and falls. Trust… while you feel the kite of your life is lost… Trust… While you feel that its falling into oblivion… Trust… That somewhere down there’s an eager kite runner, who is running the fastest race of his life just to catch you… Just to catch that beautiful colorful speck of the sky.. Trust that you still are the reason for happiness for many. Trust that you still are the reason for their smiles. trust that it is all a part of his plan… Trust… And take the fall, because he is there to catch you… in the form of that kite runner… Trust… And surrender…

Take the flight…
Take the fall…
That is life…
That is all...
Happy flying…


Bachhawat, Aditi


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  1. Most interesting post and very touchy.. Yes he is the person flying the kite and have cuts bleeds too but don’t let the kite know abt it.. Flying+ being on grounds…

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