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A story for everyone, that I remembered suddenly which I had read during my childhood (which is still ON) 😉

A teacher of repute was walking on the beach soon after a storm. The storm had washed up thousands of starfish on the shore, and they were beginning to dry up.

Source: The Telegraph

Soon all of them would be dead. The Teacher was picking up starfish and throwing them into the sea.

The fisherman caught up with the teacher and said, “Surely, you cannot hope to throw all these starfish back into the sea? They will die in their thousands here. I’ve seen it happen before.  Your effort will make no difference.”


“It will to this one,” said the Teacher, throwing back another starfish into the sea.

Does it ring any bell? Do you know someone who indeed made a difference to over 30 million people, holding their hands (figuratively) and guiding each one of them towards happiness and made a big difference to this entire world. For each individual thus saved is World itself.

Can we now resolve to make a difference to at least one person around us, however small or silly it may appear? Like they say, every drop of water in the ocean is what made it an ocean.

If One Person can make a difference to over 30 million people, imagine if each of these 30 million made a difference to a minimum of 1 person, then Paradise on Earth or should I say, Earth is a Paradise – would become a reality and a fitting tribute to beloved Gurudev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who gave much more than what He received from this world.



11 Responses to “Story Of The Starfish”

  1. Mamta

    Very beautiful! Yes, every little drop of water makes the mighty ocean. Thank you very much for this inspiring piece. We won’t have to wait too long for this planet to become a happy and prosperous One World Family if each one of us starts making a difference to at least one more.

  2. swalia

    it’s all about taking responsibility…and yes,every little step in theright direction makes a difference…thank you for the motivation 🙂

  3. shree dhawan

    nice, yes! course rocks, i wanna Organise yes n artexcel! i feel dis wrld z beautiful just like divine n me.

  4. prathibhauchil

    The starfish story has always inspired me. Each time we introduce people to the AOL courses, our dearest gurudev allows us to experience this wonderful feeling of having made a difference to aleast one person’s life.


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