X-Men spirituality

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“X-Men: Days of Future Past” and Spirituality Non-Violence Is Its Own Power: Science fiction blockbusters such as those in the “X-Men” series of movies have mostly been popular for their action sequences and amazing special effects. One normally would not look to such films for their spiritual guidance. However, just as one cannot find beautiful… Read more »

Big Bang on the Door

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Bang On the Door by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “BANG on the Door”, as the name suggests is actually a bang on the door to your trapped inner soul! A Bang so loud, yet so soft and loving that you can’t help opening up to welcome all that the book has to offer.   Sri… Read more »

Celebrating Silence by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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A treasure box of truths so ancient, they’re new…  Recall the last time you hugged someone dear, and felt love which your arms could not encircle. The last time you smelt a flower, and felt soaked with intoxication that your mind could not contain. The last time you heard a soulful strain, and felt a… Read more »