Art of Living Seeker’s Puzzle

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Vani Rao lists a few perplexing puzzles that need to be solved to attain enlightenment! The good news is that the effort to solve the puzzle is good enough to set you on, even if you cant get the puzzle!!!

1. Brahman alone exists; nothing else exists. Brahman is not the doer.

2. THAT cannot be known; knowing THAT there is nothing else to know.

3. That which is seen does not exist; That which exist cannot be seen.

4. Enlightenment is going from an ignorant I DON’T KNOW to a beautiful I DON’T KNOW.

Art of Living Blog-I-Dont-Know

5. Enlightenment is knowing everything, knowing everything means essence of everything that which is underneath everything. All knowingness is not knowing everything. But possibility to know everything.

6. Enlightenment is losing everything (if you think anything is yours); gain nothing.

7. What is the purpose of life? One who knows will not tell, one who tells does not know.

8. Only that mind which does not know can know.

9. When mind dies, real life starts.

10. Only Knowledge can save from sufferings; Knowledge is like detergent; When knowledge is removed; divine love dawns.

11. Being everywhere and no where

12. Being smaller than the smallest and bigger than the biggest.

13. Only with Grace (Krupa) one can become free; but self effort is essential.

These are very interesting truths. We can just ponder over it again and again. If you ponder over all these puzzles then we will definitely will come to a conclusion where we think nothing exists. It is just empty space. Just that Hollow and Empty which we experience in our Art of Living Part 2 course. There is a Bhajan written by great Saint from Karnataka Purandara Dasa – Lolalotte ella Lolalotte means everything is hollow and empty.

Pondering over these over and over one realises:

Life is a mystery.
Question is ego looking for an answer, there is a quest to know.

Wonder is culmination of knowledge leaving one spaced out, amazed.
There are many things that which cannot be understood by intelligence. We can just wonder and live with mystery.

Sadguru is one who can help one to solve these puzzles and reach the beautiful I DON’T KNOW (unbounded, for knowing/knowledge is limited).
Anything + 1(THAT) = 0 (Hollow and Empty Infinite Space, Beautiful I DON’T KNOW)
I do not exist, you do not exist. Brahman which exists cannot be seen.

When we do not exist; how can we be doer of anything? Now question is how Brahman is not the doer? There is a machine which is running because of electricity. In this case electricity is not the doer, machine is also not the doer. Everything is just happening.
There is one more Bhajan in Kannada Bombeyatavayya e brahmandau a devanaduva….. which means that the whole creation is like a puppet show played by the Divine.

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  1. There are few more to add in.
    1. You are new as well as ancient.
    2. You can neither hide nor express love totally. You cannot reject/renounce beauty.
    3. You need passion, dispassion and compassion in life.

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