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… I still remember the excitement and flutters I experienced while waiting for the vacations as a child growing up in Abu Dhabi. Vacations meant traveling to India, and India for me meant, hills! Our beautiful ancestral village in Himachal Pradesh…

That was when my love affair with the mountains really started! The whole day I would be lost in between the hills, playing by the river, exploring the caves, just watching the ants, grasshoppers, or the spiders industriously building their webs.

I would usually bring a few specimen home for later study! My mother would often check my pockets for frogs, sometimes birds or any interesting creepy crawly that I could get my hands on! She never discouraged or reprimanded me for being my naughty self!  Being my first guru, she taught me how amazingly Beautiful this nature was.  It’s funny, sometimes while people around would be busy discussing important worldly matters, both of us would be busier watching a sparrow feeding its little ones or collecting wild berries nearby.

With the passage of time, I found my love and reverence towards the mountains growing. I would travel to far and inaccessible reaches, wondering what I’m looking for. May be, it was a search for a meaning to my existence. The mountain breeze gently healing the soul, giving deep answers    and creating new questions! The glacial waters in the vast expanse of Nature with miles and miles of solitude seemed to be quenching lifetimes of thirst. 

In the mountains, far away from civilization and worldly comforts, every step you climb is like stepping into the unknown and the unforeseen. And yet a deep sense of trust and acceptance prevails. The mighty mother Nature seems to embrace you into her arms, as an eager mother awaits her child.

Years later, when I met my spiritual Master HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, at our Art of Living Bangalore Ashram for the first time I knew what I was looking for. I can never forget HIS gaze and the intensity of love I was welcomed with. As an eager mother awaits her child, HE said,  “Welcome Home!” ….and I knew at that moment… I’m home…..!

  ~  akasha  ~
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19 Responses to “Art of Living with the Mountain of Love”

  1. montoo bassi

    you took me to these mountains… i could feel the gush of fresh mountain wind in my face:) nice:)

  2. Kamlesh

    Beautifully expressed!! i know how you feel about your mountains!! we have talked about this a million times. well penned 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    ….do you still remember that song? Our song to remind us that the journey has started again….yet again 🙂

  4. Uday Singh

    well written, Sir.. i share ur love for mountains .after watchng these photograph i have decided to visit Kinner Kailash in 2013.. u should also visit Shrikhand Mahadev..

  5. mkailkhura

    Thank you for transporting us to the majestic, beautiful mountains. Beautiful!

  6. prakashathrayil

    You reminded me of my childhood days when to my village and used to spend time in the hills and in the banks of rivers with the nature.. Sweet Memories.. Reading this was a journey with you by itself..

  7. Anonymous

    Bhaiya thanx for sharing this. This bring back all memories of my childhood. Feeling like going back from this bored city life to my home himachal 🙂
    Jai Gurudev!!!!

  8. siddhiblogs

    Akash ji, I was transported to the mountains when i read your article.I was reminded of my trekking days in college. I am just ready to leave now to the mountains…….:-)Very beautiful article …:-)

  9. rajkumarbhatnagar

    Beautiful love letter to the mountains………your words tell me……journey of life is also climbing on the mountains….every step you climb is like stepping into the unknown and the unforeseen. And yet a deep sense of trust and acceptance ………..

  10. Anonymous

    Akashji , well penned . It is a treat to the nature lovers . Got transported with every sentence of yours .

  11. leena kalyatPanoli

    wonderful.Please tell us something about your first meeting with Guruji and afterwards……….

  12. drsejalshah

    Wow, what a blog, Akashji… Took me straight to Himalayas and the bliss. Thanks a lot for sharing. Please share more and more.

    • Anonymous

      Jai gurudev Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful blog. Its amazing. No words to express how I am feeling after reading it. … Jgd Abha Bhatnagar

  13. Ensures

    Everything in this piece is Picturesque – the writing, the pictures and “feeling” This seem to come straight from the heart <3
    Pranaams Akashji _/||_

  14. ats21

    Sheer poetry of your words brought through the magic of mountains, the mother-child bond, the beauty of creation. I read and re-read, savoring every word, soaking in the experience 🙂


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