Who are we?
Welcome to the real e-corner of Art of Living Enthusiasts – a motley crowd of folks bound by common traits – Enthusiastic, Happy, Bubbly, Breathing and Caring, all inspired by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

What do we do?
Anything and everything that might inspire you, teach you something useful, or just put a smile on your face. This blog features posts on a wide range of topics, such as tips on Healthy Living, Yoga and Meditation, stories of Art of Living volunteers, service projects, Personality Development, Wisdom, Spirituality, Humour and a lot more that can give you Stress Relief and a Positive Attitude – basically just uplift your spirit!

The Art of Living bloggers on this blog site believe in making life an expression of happiness and not a pursuit of happiness. And if you feel the same way, just share here anything that you are passionate about.

How to join in
In terms of content excellence – our bars are set really high. Yes, as tall as a pygmy’s height! Please don’t worry about your language, the grammar, the structure… Just communicate with your heart! Don’t underestimate yourself – Your audience is ready to grasp enlightenment even out of your murmurs!

Here is an ever-ready sounding board if you want to
  • Share some unique experiences,(even if it sounds like self glorifying!)
  • Simply seek an opinion on a topic
  • Broadcast inspiring stories from lives of Great Masters
  • Share really interesting pictures
  • Tell your favourite jokes
  • Share moments of wonder and astonishment
What else….

Life is all about getting real! Come here often to taste it.

To get your voice heard here drop an email to helpdesk@artoflivingsblog.com

21 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Varrun Ashok

    Nice articles.. I have been in AOL for over 3 years and have written some articles that i would like to publish in this blog. Can someone tell me how I can become a contributor? Thanks!

  2. debjanimitra

    It was great to find out about this blog ! I am part of the AOL US bloggers group – and I think this is the coolest seva 🙂 please check out my blog srisrigracediaries.wordpress.com and also find out about the other bloggers in this group in the blogs I follow


    Gurudev came to make me remeber who I AM,i always felt and think the same about his knowledge,but it was as if i hadnt this knowledge in a natural order and natural conciousness inside me!I was a kind of “BEING DREAMING”last past years.When I took my first PART II couse,I really woke up!
    And asked to my self”why do i know,feel and think the same Guru JI says,values,patters,ideas,feelings…..are just as he says?As if he was reading my mind,or me his,while he teaches,a kind of us,great connection to Master from ancestral lives lived together,later on I understood the miracle,we are all the same,we are just ONE.

  4. Mahesh Bhagwat

    I have attended Mahasudarshan kriya as well as Mahashivaratri 2013 function at Bangalore Ashram.It was really a great experience !!!
    Thanks for uploading photos n videos quickly.It recalled my experience there..
    Jai Gurudev !!!

  5. Emma

    We are a gaggle associated with volunteers plus establishing a brand new plan in the area. Your blog provided us with helpful facts to work in. You may have done a strong practice and our own full community might be thankful for your requirements.

  6. usha rani

    I have done part 1 course and learned sudarsan kriya. Actually I have lot of health problems and I have no stamina even to stand straight. While doing course I got some pain and I tolerated that. But after completing the course when I am doing sudarsan kriya I got severe pain in my spinal card and I am unable to do that . Three days I was on the bed. SO I was stopped that. But I want to continue that . Can anybody tell me what is the solution for this.

    • Raj

      @USHA, I think you should talk directly to the art of living teacher who taught you the kriya. In my opinion, you should not strain yourself if you are in such condition.

    • kelgerips

      It is good to do sudarshankrya So start doing deep breathing exercises and meditation and be grateful to GOD for giving human life .From today on words you are going to improve . Thank you

  7. Rahul

    Art Of Living is an institute if jerks….The the Guru wants to be called God .The members believe that he is god and has created this universe..how fucking brainless piece of shits!

  8. Maithily

    Jay Gurudev,
    Thank you for being there with me at every step everywhere. You are my friend/philosopher/guide/teacher/guardian/everything all at once. You have taught us to be happy and positive living. I always follow your steps Guruji, but then life has challenges, every phase has its own tests, right now I am going through many tests, and all by myself Guruji, I pray to you to be with me like you have always been. I am strong and I want to remain strong with your blessings Guruii.

  9. Prakriti sinha

    Is there a section here where I could ask the questions about relationship?

  10. kelgerips

    A very good blog. I had done art of living course about 5 years back . I want to join the course

  11. sanjana

    Hello, we find your blog to be really inspiring. we are a publishing company, our recent book is about guru gorakhnath “The Gorakhnath Enlightenment”.We would love it, if you could review our book and express your views about the book on your blog

  12. umesh nadkarni

    I have 2 questions.1.what is income of bhaudidi. 2.What is ecences that at the ge of 57 revi shankar is mulity millioner?Dare to answer on 9370527116.Best reagrds Nadkarni Umesh Maharashtra.


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