Ashtavakra Gita.

aṣṭāvakra uvāca

vihāya vairia kāmamartha cānarthasakulam
dharmamapyetayorhetu sarvatrādara kuru

Ashtavakra said: Abandoning desire – the enemy, along with gain, (full of mischief), and good deeds which are the cause of the other two – practice indifference to everything.

svapnendrajālavat paśya dināni trīi paca vā

Look upon friends, lands, money, property, wife, and bequests as nothing but a dream or a juggler’s show lasting only a few days.

yatra yatra bhavettṛṣṇā sasāra viddhi tatra vai
prauhavairāgyamāśritya vītatṛṣṇa sukhī Bhava

Wherever a desire occurs, see the world in it. Establishing yourself in firm dispassion, go beyond desire and be happy.

tṛṣṇāmātrātmako bandhastannāśo moka ucyate
bhavāsasaktimātrea prāptituṣṭirmuhurmuhu

The essential nature of bondage is nothing other than desire, and the destruction of desire is known as liberation. Only by non-attachment to the world does one attain the costant joy of realization of the Self.

tvamekaścetana śuddho jaa viśvamasattathā
avidyāpi na kicitsā kā bubhutsā tathāpi te

You are One, Pure Intelligence. The universe is non-intelligent and unreal. Ignorance also is no real entity. What can you yet desire to know?

rājya sutā kalatrāi śarīrāi sukhāni ca
sasaktasyāpi naṣṭāni tava janmani janmani

Kingdoms, children, wives, bodies and  pleasures -have all been lost to you, life after life, even though you were attached to them.

alamarthena kāmena suktenāpi karmaā
ebhya sasārakāntāre na viśrāntamabhūn mana

Enough of prosperity, sensuality and pious deeds! The mind did not find repose in these in the dreary forest of the world.

kta na kati janmāni kāyena manasā girā
dukhamāyāsada karma tadadyāpyuparamyatām

For how many births have you not done hard and painful labour with body, mind and speech. Now at last stop!



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