Ashtavakra Gita.

aṣṭāvakra uvāca

bhāvābhāvavikāraśca svabhāvāditi niścayī
nirvikāro gatakleśa sukhenaivopaśāmyati

Ashtavakra said: He who has realized that change in the form of existence and destruction is in the nature of things, easily finds repose, being unperturbed and free from pain.

īśvara sarvanirmātā nehānya iti niścayī
antargalitasarvāśa śānta kvāpi na sajjate

He who has known for certain that the Lord is the creator of all and that is there is none else here, becomes peaceful with all his inner desires set at rest, and is no longer attached to anything.

āpada sapada kāle daivādeveti niścayī
tpta svasthendriyo nitya na vānchati na śocati

Realising that misfortune and fortune come in their own time through the effects of past actions, one is ever contented, has all senses under control, and neither desires nor grieves.

sukhadukhe janmamtyū daivādeveti niścayī
sādhyādarśī nirāyāsa kurvannapi na lipyate

He who knows for certain that happiness and misery, birth and death are due to the effects of past actions, does not find anything to accomplish, and thus becomes free from care is not attached even though engaged in  action.

cintayā jāyate dukha nānyatheheti niścayī
tayā hīna sukhī śānta sarvatra galitaspha

He who has realized that it is thinking that breeds misery in this world, becomes free from it, and is happy, peaceful and everywhere rid of desires.

nāha deho na me deho bodho’hamiti niścayī
kaivalya iva saprāpto na smaratyakta ktam

Realising, “I am not the body, nor is the body mine. I am awareness”, one attains the supreme state and no longer remembers what he has done or not done.

ābrahmastabaparyanta ahameveti niścayī
nirvikalpa śuci śānta prāptāprāptavinirvta

“I alone exist in everything, from Brahma down a clump of grass”, – he who knows this for certain becomes free from uncertainty, pure, peaceful and free from concerns about what has been attained or not attained.

nāścaryamida viśva na kiciditi niścayī
nirvāsana sphūrtimātro na kicidiva śāmyati

He who realizes that all this varied and wonderful universe is nothing, becomes desireless and Pure Consciousness, and finds peace as if nothing exists.



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