Ashtavakra Gita.

janaka uvāca

kāyaktyāsaha pūrva tato vāgvistarāsaha
atha cintāsahastasmād evamevāhamāsthita

Janaka said: First of all I became averse to physical activity, then to lengthy speech, and finally to thinking itself. Which is why I am now established.

prītyabhāvena śabdāderadśyatvena cātmana
vikepaikāgrahdaya evamevāhamāsthita

Having no attachment for sound and other sense objects, and the Self not being an object of perception, my mind is freed from distraction and is one pointed. Thus therefore do I firmly abide.

samādhyāsādivikiptau vyavahāra samādhaye
eva vilokya niyama evamevāhamāsthita

An effort has to be made for concentration when there is distraction of mind owing to super imposition etc. Seeing this to be the rule, thus do I firmly abide.

heyopādeyavirahād eva haraviādayo
abhāvādadya he brahmann evamevāhamāsthita

By relinquishing the sense of rejection and acceptance, and having neither Joy nor sorrow, thus, oh wise one, I am now established.

āśramānāśrama dhyāna cittasvīktavarjanam
vikalpa mama vīkyaitairevamevāhamāsthita

Life in a community, then going beyond such a state, meditation, control of mental functions – finding that these cause distractions to me, thus I am now established.

karmānuṣṭhānamajñānād yathaivoparamastathā
budhvā samyagida tattva evamevāhamāsthita

Abandoning action is as much the outcome of ignorance as the performance of action. By fully recognising this truth, thus do I firmly abide

acitya cityamāno’pi cintārūpa bhajatyasau
tyaktvā tadbhāvana tasmād evamevāhamāsthita

Think on the the unthinkable One, one only has recourse to a form of thought. Abandoning such a thought therefore, I am now established.

evameva kta yena sa ktārtho bhavedasau
evameva svabhāvo ya sa ktārtho bhavedasau

He who has achieved this has achieved the goal of life. Blessed is he who is such by nature.



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