Ashtavakra Gita.

janaka uvāca

praktyā śūnyacitto ya pramādād bhāvabhāvana
nidrito bodhita iva kīasasmarao hi sa

Janaka said : He verily has his recollections of worldly life exhausted, who is empty minded by bature, who think of sense objects involuntarily and who is, as it were, awake though asleep.

kva dhanāni kva mitrāi kva me viayadasyava
kva śāstra kva ca vijñāna yadā me galitā sp

When desire has melted away, where then are my riches, my friends, robbers in the form of senses, where the scriptures or knowledge?

vijñāte sākipurue paramātmani ceśvare
nairāśye badhamoke ca na citā muktaye mama

Realising my Supreme Self to be the Witness and the Lord, I have become indifferent to both bondage and liberation. I feel no inclination for liberation.

atarvikalpaśūnyasya bahi svacchandacāria
bhrāntasyeva daśāstāstāstādśā eva jānate

The different states of one who within is free of uncertainty, but outwardly wanders about at his own pleasure like an idiot, can only be understood by those like him.



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