Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 22

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. World is like an amusement park.
  2. One day we went to lake side and we saw a bird weaving its nest in bulb shape. That bird usually catches firefly and stick them inside into its nest so that it can light up its nest during dark time and young ones can see. They were having two storied inside nest. Who taught these birds? Who engineered them? It’s amazing!
  3. Have you noticed monkeys? They never eat the skin of banana; they will peel it and eat the pulp. They are very curious to open up everything and they will only eat the thing they will like. It is amazing. The way dog behaves. The way snake behaves. The entire creation is amazing. You are in an amusement park. Just push one button of people and see what happens to them, fumes will come out of their ears, eyes and from everywhere. It’s all wonderful.
  4. When you are not wondering about it then you are caught up in phenomenon.
  5. Instead of getting amazed your question always puts you in sorrow. Every QUESTION can be turned into WONDER. World is an amusement park.
  6. What is िासना? It is Impressions/craving. Consider if you are used to drink coffee in the morning without which you might get headache is called िासना. िासना is limited attractions happening out of 5 senses, and not only just enjoying but it entangled into mind thinking about it all the time. Eating food one time is okay, but thinking 24 hours about food is िासना, same thing about Sex too.
  7. It sucks your potential into some small limitations, and leaves you empty afterwards. It is also called addictions. There is no end to Addictions.
  8. You have had an experience that by eating Ice-cream you had bliss, now; have the bliss without Ice-cream and you will notice you have become empty.
  9. When you go to bed don’t go like “somebody” or “I am something”. Go like a “glow of candle”, “a glow of light”, like “I am nothing”.
  10. Whatever you HATE you will become that. Drop all your hates now. A rat hates cat and it born as a cat. A cat hates dog and it born as a dog. This is a place to be in love and in joy. What is there in life, throw all your anger out. Just love. Just love. Just love. Live as though you are nobody. And you will see that bliss that comes out of it won’t be comparable to any other joy.
  11. The “Union of self” is 1000 times the “Joy of relationship/sex”.
  12. Janaka says, doing all these things has made me tired; now I am at rest. I have no interest in doing these things any more. I am not the doer.
  13. In a silence even thought is a weight.
  14. Don’t go on wasting your energy and time in talking, be in silence, thousand words cannot employ and glance a look from your eye and thus thousand looks cannot convey one silence.
  15. Weigh your words before you speak them out, they are pearls of your life, don’t throw them.
  16. You are meditating and somebody drops a plate or suddenly dog starts barking. It is enough to agitate you for another two days.
  17. Janaka says now even “craving for god” has disappeared from my mind. I am now at complete rest.
  18. A true devotee also never bothers whether “god comes or not”. He will say “Let thy will be then”. “I leave it up to you when you want to come do come, but I am ready, I have cleaned my home, I am set, I have made all preparations, you can come this very moment or you can come after thousand years, as per your wish”
  19. Janaka is now opening up petal by petal. He says: I am totally at rest; I am not even in search of enlightenment now.

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