Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 25

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. Three factors cause disturbances in mind:
    i) Discomfort in own mind
    ii) Discomfort of words we hear from others
    iii) Discomfort in body
    There is no 4th discomfort.
  2. Four pillars of body DHARMA – Body has its own demand we should fulfill it. If a body needs rest you should provide it. ARTHA – The means KAMA – The Desire MOKSHA – Relief from Desire.
  3. If there is no coordination between these 4 faculties then nature and desire are not coordinated.
  4. If there is no coordination between MEANS available – THE DESIRE and THE NATURE then sorrow comes.
  5. Body has to go through some experience; it is the nature of the body. One may be very healthy or one may be often remaining sick, but you should not think health is not alright, the more you put attention on sickness, and the more it grew. Wherever you put attention it enlivens that.
  6. If you put attention on negativity inside you, negativity grows.
  7. Knowing that there is disturbances in all above four faculties and disturbance everywhere, what shall I do? I should repose in myself. I should rest in myself.
  8. Turn back and look into your life, what all you have done. Have you done or it has all happened? Janaka says “it’s very clear in my life now that everything is happening. Whatever action I am supposes to do, time demands from me and I simply do it”.
  9. The mind which is not caught up in any concepts or ideas is hollow and empty. That mind can just act spontaneously from its very nature.
  10. Four principle of life: Wake up!
    i) Whatever you want to do, do it and be at rest. Decide I will do it and that’s it. Finish, your mind will be at rest.
    ii) Drop what you cannot do
    iii) What is required for you to do is put your 100%
    iv) What is not required of you to do you relax there.
  11. Janaka says “Many yogis and saints have told me to do this and do that engaging people in doing so many things. I have done all of them, now I have come away from all these doings. Now there is nothing that I want to achieve, there is nothing that I want to lose, and there is nothing that I don’t have and I must achieve. I must rest. I am at peace now”.
  12. All these Courses, Pranayamas, Yoga, Kriya, Meditations are just toys for you to play to fall in love with divine. Once you fall in love with divine, job is done.
  13. Many people come and ask “Guruji, why you don’t ask this person to do sadhana, why you don’t ask that person to meditate?” I say “I know who is where, doesn’t matter”.
  14. Krishna himself says in Gita there can be several ways of Sadhana:
    i) Do some practices or sadhana when you cannot surrender.
    ii) If you cannot do that, think whatever work you are doing you are doing for me, it’s mine work that you are doing.
    iii) All that is done with sense of service and 100% enthusiasm is again sadhana
    iv) Sing, Dance, Celebrate is again sadhana. There can be many ways to do sadhana and fall in love with divine.
  15. Some yogis recommend ACTION whereas some yogis recommend INACTION. But Janaka says “both these conditions to me are now just bound to body. I have now raised above all these things”.
  16. Janaka says “I am very much at rest if even I have nothing to do or I am very much at rest if time demands me to do much work, in short I am at rest in every situation”.

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