Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 26

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Answers cannot satisfy doubts. Hearing and seeing cannot eliminate doubt. Only PRANA can eliminate doubt. When PRANA in you low down, doubt arises.
  2. You know what is DOUBT? It is a state of mind. Doubt is not something other than state of mind. Such state of mind arises when we are not aware of life within us.
  3. What to do when you get doubt? More sadhana practices, kriya, pranayama. That is called “Shraddha/Faith”.
  4. There is no need to believe what you know, you have to believe what you don’t know is called “Shraddha / Faith”.
  5. When doubt arises in you FAST, MEDITATE, DO PRANAYAMA, PRAYERS. And see whether the doubt remains. It is shifting of your consciousness.
  6. Have you noticed this, the day you do Kriya, Pranayama – that day you become so alive from every cell of your body that no doubt in you occurs. You know why you feel so wonderful then? Because there is no toxins in your cells then.
  7. Are you sure you are here on this planet? Are you sure you are not dreaming? Are you sure earth is there beneath you? What is it that you are hanging on to? How long will this drama go on? How long will this play go on? What is happening? What is the origin of this mind? From where all these thoughts and grumbling arises? From where all your concepts arises? How do they arise? How your like and dislike for people arises? WE DON’T ASK THESE QUESTIONS TO OURSELVES!! WE DON’T RIDE ON THE HORSE OF THESE QUESTIONS WHICH ARE VERY SUCH BASIC BUT KEEP ASKING SILLY QUESTIONS.
  8. YOU GO ON ASKING SILLY QUESTIONS LIKE: Why ME? Why I am unhappy? Why so and so should say such words to me? Why so and so bad mouthing me? Why so and so is rude to me? Why so and so is nasty to me? Our doubts are also silly. Our questions are also insignificant.
  9. Spending our whole life in asking such questions does not takes you anywhere, it’s like sitting in merry-go round and keep asking yourself again and again to which there is no answer neither solution.
  10. Ashtavakra says Janaka “Like the waves on the surface of the water, when a wind has blown on the ocean of your consciousness, so many thoughts, ideas and ideologies arises, they are useless, let them come. Don’t worry”
  11. Just do this experiment: Go to your best friend and say YOU ARE HOPELESS PERSON or push a button in them, for a couple of nights they won’t sleep. A huge wave of thought will come into their mind and all your words will act to them as contrary.
  12. Do not blame others; it’s all in your mind. Your worries, feelings, thoughts in your all mind. You are totally responsible for all of them.
  13. Have you ever seen yourself as a LIFE and not as SOMEBODY? What is your relationship to yourself, throw everything out of yourself just for 5 seconds and ask to yourself: WHAT AM I? WHO AM I? WHAT DO I WANT?
  14. Have you experienced burning life in your very body? You are a lively consciousness, you are glowing light. Why you doubt this?
  15. When someone experience bliss, they doubt IS IT REAL? AM I NOT DREAMING? Authenticating that you are glowing consciousness is enlightment.
  16. ” विजियोबािा ” (Feverishness) takes you no where. Just do this experiment: “Sit with someone who is feverish for something and you will feel aversion”. This is secret.
  17. If any blessing has to be given, give a blessing of “Vijvarobhava”. BE DEVOID OF FEVERISHNESS. Say “If that has to come, it will come”.
  18. Patience comes when you are devoid of Feverishness. Let the feverishness in word let not catch on to you for any reason, it’s not worth it.
  19. Though your experience of silence is even for 2 seconds, 2 minutes or for 2 hours, believe in it. Though only for few moments, believe in yourself.

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