Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 29


|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta


  1. This very consciousness/mind has passed through many bodies to be able to be in this body as it is now. This consciousness is very old and ancient. This life in you is not new. We say new life has come into home no its not, it’s the old life that has come into new body.
  2. The body has taken 9 months to form organ, around 19+ years to build physical and mental maturity and 84 lifetimes for the mind to become firm. Mind has taken much longer time than all.
  3. The older it becomes the more valuable it is.
  4. Just wake up and look into it, it has huge amount of past experience and wealth in it. It is sum total of the whole creation. Not just your experiences of one life times or one dealings or one happening. But all the happening in the world, all the events and all experiences are all present in this very mind.
  5. When there is no “shraddha/trust”, feverishness and entanglements come into you.
  6. Ashtavakra says: Again and again you will have to trust and believe the knowledge. Believe in the world, Yoga is the science of believing in the world.
  7. Yoga does not speak about GOD or DIVINITY, it only says about PURIFICATION, it has completely materialistic attitude. If you are non-believer in divinity, you would at least believe in refinement. Refinement to yourself to the core is called YOGA.
  8. Believe in Yoga, you will be complete. You have to believe in laws of nature else you cannot move one step ahead, or you have to believe in yourself, that is called awareness or self-inquiry.
  9. When consciousness is refined love blossoms up. With love, Yoga happens naturally. When your heart opens up you see divinity everywhere.
  10. ” संिामात्भा विनाश्मानत “. If someone is very doubtful then they have neither inner joy nor the outer joy. Doubt is like diseases.
  11. When you don’t have trust in you in the love that you have been given by the divine or by the society then you get cravings and attachments, you get entanglement. Your entanglement is a doubt to whom you are entangled. You doubt that either they don’t love you or you don’t have enough love towards them. That’s where entanglement begins, and then you want more and more and more. You are not reposing in yourself. This is where the love curdles itself.
  12. Again and again you have gone through all these things lifetimes. Atleast now Wake-up, Shake-up.
  13. If at all you are looking for something, look for divine.
  14. ” ऻान-स्िरूऩो बगिान “. You are divine in the form of knowledge.
  15. If one is not qualified, Ashtavakra knowledge means nothing to him. We have seen many ignorant to whom ashtavakra means nothing. False perception about god is already present in their mind. They wait for god saying “One day I will meet god”. You can’t win such people.
  16. Sufi saint Mansoor-Al-Hallaj was chopped into pieces because he said “He was God”. People couldn’t understand his love for divine and chopped him, same happened with Jesus. Ignorant people wait for messiah to come. They think god will come down one day from sky to grant them boon. Forget about it. Wake up and see, you are into ocean called god, you are resting in god. Such false perceptions people have made in their mind that they have already forgot that divine is present everywhere. They have forgotten that they themselves are God.
  17. There is no difference “I am you” and “You are me”.
  18. ” प्रकृनत ऩयाहा ” Master gives a blow from this side and from other side too, so there is no way to escape but to be what you be.
  19. You are beyond “Prakriti and Nature”. You are beyond these body, you are beyond all these vatta, pitta and kapha.
  20. Zen masters go on purifying themselves, doing yoga for their whole lifetime thinking “I am impure, I am impure”. How long can you go on doing that? People take 20 years of sadhana. All day refinement, and if one day something wrong happens all jealousy, anger comes out and all their sadhana goes useless.
  21. By reading Ashtavakra one cannot be scholar. Many scholars have read Ashtavakra and they could not make head or tail out of it and left away in between. There has to be “Shraddha” and qualification for such highest peak of knowledge. The words of Ashtavakra penetrates in Janaka in no time.
  22. If you are awake then observe, no event can destroy joy in you. When Master says you are invincible, it appears to be very confusing. But from the point where he is saying everything is invincible even consciousness is invincible too.
  23. All these come and go, Wake up and Shake up. You will see there is no god and no where you or everything is god and everything is you.
  24. Establish in mind, which is space. Establish in mind.

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