Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 30

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. In higher consciousness “knowledge” and “ignorance” has equal position.
  2. A beginner would crave for knowledge and reject the ignorance, for ex: when you are playing a game the knowledge of the result of the game reduces very charm in the game. If you know you are going to lose it you won’t play or if you know you are going to win then there would be no joy in it. So it is best not to know the result while playing the game.
  3. Ashtavakra says: Neither I accept nor I reject. I am abiding in myself.
  4. If you say I am accepting then it means previously it was “not acceptable” and you made an effort in accepting it. Now, which was not previously accepted; in future it could be rejected too.
  5. If you say I have renounced it or rejected it, then it means that you have accepted something in past and hence you are rejecting it.
  6. ACCEPTING an action is as ignorant as REJECTING an action.
  7. However the event is pleasant or unpleasant you cannot hold on to it, they move away like clouds in sky.
  8. Whom we think is very fortunate in this world? Do you think those who are rich are fortunate? I tell you they would be living more in fear thinking “does the opposite person loves to me or to my wallet”? People who are poor think “Wealthy people are fortunate”. Wealthy people think “people who are Healthy they are more fortunate”, People who are healthy think “people who have ability are more fortunate”. People who are not good looking think “people who are good looking are more fortunate”. This is an illusion, like an illusion of water in desert.
  9. In real people who are joyful from the very core of heart, people who live the state of NOBODY. NOBODY is running, NOBODY is talking, NOBODY is eating, and NOBODY is listening. They are fortunate. One does not have to acquire this but by nature it has come to them they are fortunate.
  10. People who are grateful are fortunate.
  11. Brahmanhood is nothing to be acquired or achieved; it’s your very nature.
  12. If someone is trying to rise to achieve Brahman consciousness is fool. But one who knows that enlightenment is his very nature is fortunate.
  13. People live in limited spheres of “likes and dislikes” – “love and hate”, but only a few brave one can know that they are beyond all these small things. They are much deeper like ocean.
  14. In ocean there are so many things like oil, fishes, salt, pearl, and sand. Similarly there are many things in life like happiness, unhappiness, likes dislikes. It’s up to you to choose either pearl or salt from ocean in life.
  15. Don’t hold anyone else responsible, this is very SNEAKY. It’s a very first step to take.
  16. Today think of all those things that you could be GRATEFUL for. You are born on this planet BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. You could have born somewhere in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, you don’t know in the middle of the night you could be washed by river anytime or killed by someone BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Out of infinite number of species, we are born as a human being BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. If you would have born as a chicken or crabs, somebody would have fried you in oil and eat you putting spices on you BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Suppose you would have born as a lobster residing in restaurant, someone comes to restaurant and says GOOD CRAB and that’s it FINISH. Crab vague its tails for few minutes and he dies BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN.
  17. We have got this human life, lots of freedom, ability to know, understand, communicate, and comprehend BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. A wise intelligent man and women thinks this way. Be grateful for what we have been bestowed with.
  18. Grab every opportunity to be grateful in life, and then you will see you will stop grumbling and all misery and fear will stop in life.

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