Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Many would have experienced but only few can express it properly, and among those who can express only few can communicate or transfer those experience to others.
  2. Janaka speaks about something where everybody’s words have returned, his expressing were inexpressible breaking through dimension and revealing a mystery.
  3. When “sattvaguna” rises then knowledge dawns, joy dawns, you feel nice. When “rajoguna” rises desire, cravings and restlesness comes. When “tamoguna” rises lethargy, attachment comes, dejection comes. These gunas have their own time, they come and go. No gunas can remain forever.
  4. Mistakes happen in “tamoguna”.
  5. Janaka says I see all gunas rising and setting down, but I am hollow and empty. I am witnessing them like I witness movie.
  6. Money — friends — cravings can pull you down.
  7. Even thinking that “I” go to temple now and then again and again to do something religious act gives you false satisfaction. It is also one type of craving.
  8. Janaka says: Neither money, nor friends, nor cravings can trap my mind. Now I am at rest.
  9. Enough, be fulfill this moment. Settle down. Janaka says: Nothing can move me. What is money? Who are friends? What are cravings? Nothing can shake me. I am the REST.
  10. There are three states in enlightenment:
    i) Being childlike
    ii) Being intoxicated
    iii) Chaotic
  11. Wanting to get liberated from something is even bondage.
  12. Whatever even pleasure and pain if you want to get rid of then YOU ARE CAUGHT UP IN IT, while sleeping even though it is there but you are not with it. Many people are caught up trying to get LIBERATED. If you go and ask Buddhist monks “Why are you sitting whole day in meditation? They will say “I want liberation” and that’s it. They are caught up. If you ask anyone “Did you get Nirvana? He will say “No I WANT Nirvana”. Everybody would be waiting on and on.
  13. WANTING Brahman consciousness is HIGHEST DEGREE OF FOOLISHNESS. Drop it. Relax.
  14. Janaka is not asking questions he is releasing expression. That is the beauty of him.
  15. Finish your questions now there is no end to it. Put exclamation there.
  16. Get into the confidence that you are been taken care wherever you are, don’t even ask for blessings.

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