Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 32

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. There are three types of impurities in body:
    i) म्रा (Impurity at body level)
    ii) विऺेऩा (Impurity at mind level)
    iii) आियना (Impurity at intellect level)
  2. Suppose you have over eaten something and you are feeling uncommon that is called “Malaa”.
  3. Because of conflicts of thoughts in mind, friction arise is called “Vikshepa”
  4. The curtain between your blissful nature and mind is called “Aavarana”
  5. These three impurities calm down you in two conditions, either you are in blissful mood or when you are 100% into some work. Those are the moments when there are no “sankalpa” neither “vikalpa”. Those moments you are so alive. Those are the only moments you are living on this planet, rest of the time you just exist.
  6. See to the context of Universe, where is your small planet earth! And on it where is your small head? And fumes of thoughts coming out of it.
  7. You are made up of stuff called Bliss. Don’t search for bliss here and there. You only have to relax and let go.
  8. In the world two types of knowledge is necessary:
    i) Knowledge that removes the obstacles
    ii) Knowledge through which you know the blissful nature.
  9. You can always gain the knowledge of the only world or relative. You can know the world but you can feel the God. You can know all that is changing but you cannot know God. You can merge in to God but you can never know God. Truth can never be known but it can be felt and experienced. Permanence can never be known but it can only be felt and experienced.
  10. Self is not an object of knowledge, it can only be known when you drop conflicts of mind and relax into depth.
  11. Dispassion is maturity of life. When you have done something over and over again and you get bored of it, dispassion comes automatically.
  12. What is that you expect from all chit-chat that you do with people? You want them to say “you are beautiful, you want approval from them” so what? The one who is praising will also pass away and one who is cursing will also pass away. YOU BE IN YOURSELF.
  13. Have you noticed when child cries for toy, even if he gets toy he continues crying because that momentum of emotion continues. You are still the same, you haven’t grown yet. Only your craving for toy has been converted into somebody else or something.
  14. When you have come to the central core of your existence then joy in life remains, it doesn’t go away.
  15. Having joy or to be happy is not a big thing, but having established in joy and in happiness is life.
  16. This can only happen when you RELAX from everything.
  17. That’s why all moral teachings failed because it does not touch the personality in you.
  18. Your attention is everywhere but never on you, and even if is it on you that it is related to either someone or something, not on yourself.

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