Ashtavakra Gita – Day – 33

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. Many incarnations have happened on this planet, many saints have born, many nice people have come on this planet, many saviors have come. Have the world changed? No. It is still the same. over and over years and years, again and again it is the same thing happening in the world. SO IF YOU HAVE ILLUSION OR IDEA IN YOUR MIND TO CHANGE THE WORLD THEN YOU BETTER DROP IT.
  2. It has never happened before, nor it will happen now, neither will it happen in future.
  3. People say “satyug” was much better than “kalyug”. If you see the atrocities that have happened in “satyuga” you will find “kalyuga” is much more better.
  4. In the world there will be a combination of both good and bad people. Some people engage in good things, some engage in crime, sometimes balance discontinues this way – that way, some more, some less, but EVERYTHING WILL CONTINUE IN THIS WORLD.
  5. OPPOSITE VALUES co-exist in this world and that itself makes the WORLD.
  6. There is no separate things like HEAVEN and HELL it is one. It’s all in your MIND.
  7. If the mind is closed it is HELL and when the mind is reposing in self it is HEAVEN.
  8. You don’t go to change the world, you yourself be a change.
  9. Your freedom is related to bondage. When you say I am free then it means that you were bound before, if you say you are bound that means you were free sometime ago. This is just the temporary sort thing in alternative state.
  10. You are wanting for freedom and feeling towards bondage is all illusion. It is all inside your mind. Because you want to change the world, you want to change the situation, you want to change people but you don’t want to change your MIND!
  11. It is stupid to think you want enlightenment and it’s also stupid to think you are bound.
  12. When I say you cannot change the world that don’t mean YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING. It doesn’t not mean that you do not make people aware and teach them about knowledge. If this would be then Ashtavakra would have not shared this knowledge to King Janaka.
  13. Truth is never something that is straight forward. It’s always circular.
  14. Golden Line: YOU ACT AND BE FULFILL IN EVERY ACTION. WHEN ACTION IS COMPLETE YOU DO NOT DRAG ON IT TO NEXT MOMENT. YOU SELL A PAPAYA TODAY AND THAT’S IT YOU EARNED MONEY TODAY. FINISH. MOVE ON TO NEXT DAY. You will be happy in doing this way. Don’t drag your work towards future, do it right now and complete it now.
  15. Let every action become from the deep core of your heart and be grateful to what you are doing.
  16. What pulls you out of your peace and being is “WANTING TO DO” and “NOT WANTING TO DO”.
  17. A thought of changing the attitude of people in the kingdom would have made Janaka to bother forever which was not possible.
  18. A small piece of sand is enough to shut your vision of your eye. That piece of sand obstructs you to see the view of infinity.
  19. Thus a Master like Ashtavakra knows where to pull the garbage from your mind and make you to see the infinite universe and beyond that.

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