Ashtavakra Gita.

janaka uvāca

hantātmajñānasya dhīrasya khelato bhogalīlayā
na hi sasāravāhīkairmūhai saha samānatā

Janaka: Oh, the wise man, the knower of the Self, who plays the game of life bears no resemblance whatever to deluded beasts of burden of the world.

yat pada prepsavo dīnā śakrādyā sarvadevatā
aho tatra sthito yogī na haramupagacchati

Truly the yogi does not feel elated even at being established in that state which Indra and all other Gods hanker after and thus become unhappy

tajjñasya puyapāpābhyā sparśo hyantarna jāyate
na hyākāśasya dhūmena dśyamānāpi sagati

Surely the heart of the one who has known the Self is untouched by virtue and vice, just as the sky is not touched by smoke, even though it appears to be.

ātmaiveda jagatsarva jñāta yena mahātmanā
yadcchayā vartamāna ta nieddhu kameta ka

Who can prevent the great-souled person, who has known this Entire Universe to be the Self alone, from acting spontaneously?

ābrahmastabaparyante bhūtagrāme caturvidhe
vijñasyaiva hi sāmarthyamicchānicchāvivarjane

Of all four categories of beings, from Brahma down to a clump of grass, it is the wise one alone who is capable of renouncing craving and aversion.

ātmānamadvaya kaścijjānāti jagadīśvaram
yad vetti tatsa kurute na bhaya tasya kutracit

Rare is the man who knows the Self as One without a second  and as Lord of the Universe.  He does what he considers worth doing and is not afraid of anything.



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