Ashtavakra Gita.

janaka uvāca

mayyanatamahābhodhau viśvapota itastata
bhramati svātavātena na mamāstyasahiṣṇutā

Janaka said: In the infinite ocean of myself the world boat drifts here and there, impelled by the wind of its own inner nature. I am not impatient.

mayyanatamahābhodhau jagadvīci svabhāvata
udetu vāstamāyātu na me vddhirna ca kati

In me, the limitless ocean, let the wave of the world rise or vanish of itself. I neither increase nor decrease thereby.

mayyanatamahābhodhau viśva nāma vikalpanā
atiśāto nirākāra etadevāhamāsthita

In me, the boundless ocean, is the imagination of the universe. I am supremely peaceful and formless. In this alone do I abide.

nātmā bhāveu no bhāvastatrānante nirajane
ityasakto’spha śānta etadevāhamāstita

My true nature is not contained in objects, nor does any object exist in it, for it is infinite and spotless. It is tranquil and free from attachment and desire. In this alone do I abide.

aho cinmātramevāha indrajālopama jagat”
iti mama katha kutra heyopādeyakalpanā

Truly, I am Consciousness itself. The world is like a juggler’s show. So how and where can there be any thought of rejection and acceptance in me?



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