Ashtavakra Gita.

aṣṭāvakra uvāca

tadā bandho yadā citta kincid vāchati śocati
kicin mucati gṛṇhāti kicid dṛṣyati kupyati

Ashtavakra said: Bondage is when the mind desires or grieves for anything, rejects or accepts anything, feels happy or angry at anything.

tadā muktiryadā citta na vāchati na śocati
na mucati na gṛṇhāti na hṛṣyati na kupyati

Liberation is attained when the mind does not desire or grieve or reject or accept or feel happy or angry.

tadā bandho yadā citta sakta kāśvapi dṛṣṭiu
tadā moko yadā cittamasakta sarvadṛṣṭiu

Bondage is when the mind is attached to any sense experience. Liberation is when the mind is detached from all sense experiences.

yadā nāha tadā moko yadāha bandhana tadā
matveti helayā kicinmā ga vimuca mā

When there is no “I” that is liberation, and when there is “I” there is bondage. Considering thus, refrain from accepting or rejecting anything.



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