Uttarakhand crisis: A salute to humanness

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The Volunteers of Art of Living are playing a small but significant part in making a proud reaffirmation of India’s resilience and humanness in the humanitarian operations in Uttarakhand What’s standing tall amidst the ruins of Uttarakhand is the resilience of India. Battling all odds and the depressive atmosphere, humanness, which is the hallmark of… Read more »

Kumudvathi revival – hope for more water

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With the rains playing hide and seek and most reservoirs in the Cauvery basin going dry, the issue of water scarcity has become more acute than ever. The rivers and tributaries that once flowed through the urban jungle of Bangalore have either almost disappeared or just existing on maps like the Kumudvathi, or for that… Read more »

Kumudvathi River revival plan

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On 8th June 2013, thousands of citizens enthusiastically joined ‘Walk and talk’ led by Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar inspiring Bangaloreans to come forward and solve the water woes of the city by rejuvenating river Kumudvathi. The Art of Living is leading this peoples’ project to rejuvenate the watershed of the Kumudvathi River, a… Read more »

A tale of one Jayanti and two Stalwarts – Part 2

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In 1956 CE, 1168 years later another boy is born in Paapnasanam Village of Tamil Nadu. His Birth time/date matched with that of Adi Shankaracharya i.e Shukla Paksha Panchami of Baisakh Month( Indian Lunar calendar) . The Boy was named Ravi Shankar. This later got changed Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (name changed because a particular Musical maestro felt… Read more »

A tale of one Jayanti and two Stalwarts – Part 1

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Jayanti of Adi Shankaracharya Bhagwan is celebrated every year on Shukla Paksha Panchami of Baisakh Month (Indian Lunar calendar). He was born in 788 CE in Kaladi village of Kerala. He is regarded as a Spiritual and Philosophical giant who re-established the Sanatan Parampara (Lineage) by establishing Advait Vedanta as the highest truth amongst all… Read more »

Recipes for Rainy Day

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In this rainy sesaon, avoid eating vegetables grown in fresh rainwater or eat as little of them as you can. Use sour lemon freely. Below are few recipies with lemon. Lemon Sevaiya Ingredients                               Amount Wheat Vermiceli                        1 cup Turmeric powder                       1/2 tsp Rock Salt                                   1 tsp Oil                                            1 spoon Mustard seeds                           1/4 tsp Udad dal                                   1… Read more »

Art of Living elephant plays Harmonica

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One of the most beautiful sights at Art of Living International Ashram Bangalore is to see the graceful young Indrani gaily moving around the green campus on her daily morning walks. The tinkling bells round her neck signal her coming before one actually gets to see her upclose. Indrani is the second largest resident at… Read more »

Story of Lord Dattatreya

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“Jagat utpatti kartre ca, Sthiti samhaara hetare Bhava paada vimuktaaya, Dattatreya namostute” MY salutations to Dattatreya, who created all the worlds, who looks after all the worlds and who grants redemption from the bonds of sorrow of domestic life.) Dattatreya is a saint well known in Puranas. He was the son of Anasuya and Maharshi… Read more »

Art of Living Recipe: Beetroot halwa

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Ingredients Beetroot                            2 whole Rock Sugar powder            50 gms or as per taste Cow milk’s cream               30 gms Cardamom                           2 pieces Nutmeg                          … Read more »