Banana Mousse

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Ingredients: Banana 1 no. Coconut milk-thick ½ cup Rock Sugar 1 tbsp Cardamom 1 no. Cloves Powder a pinch Cinnamon powder a pinch                 Method: Grind banana, coconut milk and Rock Sugar. Mix Cardamom powder and cinamon powder. Serve banana mousse. More Lip smacking Vegetarian Recipes….

Shahi laddu

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Ingredients: Figs 250 gms Apricot 250 gms Black Dates 250 gms Almonds 100 gms Pista ( unsalted) 100 gms Cucumber seeds 100 gms Sunἀower seeds 100 gms Pumpkin seeds 100 gms Melon seeds 100 gms Walnut 100 gms Chironji 50 gms Nutmeg 3 no.(pieces) Cardamom 25 gms Saffron 2 pinch Method: Finely chop figs, black… Read more »

Potatoes, peas cauliflower curry

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Ingredients: ½ kilo cauliflower, ¼ kilo peas, ¼ kilo potatoes ½ teaspoon each of turmeric, chilli, dhania-jira powders. ½ teaspoon garam masala powder (optional) 3 tbsp cooking oil, fresh finely chopped coriander salt to taste. 2 tbsp grated coconut, 2 green chillies half inch ginger (ground together to a smooth paste) Method: Chop vegetables uniformly…. Read more »

French beans with steamed dal

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Ingredients: 250 gms French beans finely chopped 100 gms channa dal 100 gms tur dal One tspn chillie powder One tspn turmeric powder Half tspn hing powder One tspn mustard seeds 3 tablespoon cooking oil Salt to taste Method: • Boil French beans in salt water till soft. • Wash the dals, pressure cook the… Read more »

Google Hangout with Sri Sri : Watch Video

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Art of Living Blog replays the historic 3-hour online conversation between spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, World leaders and people around the globe on how to reduce violence in society. Watch this amazing Google Hangout Video with Sri Sri, a mind-boggling confluence of spirit and technology, that broke all records for Google Hangouts.

Art of Living and kite

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Everyone wishes to be a bird. To be able to fly high up in the sky whenever they want, wherever they want. But I for once would want to be a kite. Why a kite ? A kite,  Colorful and Light… Able to reach the heights and yet stay connected to the ground. Bouncing in… Read more »