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Doctors who don’t learn medicine and surgery are “a bird with one wing” Surgery in India recently presented the modern-day end of its millenniums-old spectrum when Dr. Tejas Patel, a surgeon from Gujarat, performed a telerobotic coronary surgery – on a patient 32 Kms away. What about the historical, ancient end of the same spectrum?… Read more »

Creating Rural Leaders in WestBengal through The Art of Living initiative ‘Ujjwal Bangla’

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Art of Living Heroes Ujjwal Bangla is The Art of Living’s endeavor towards providing holistic solutions to empower rural West Bengal towards independence and self sustenance. There are a number of The Art of Living volunteers who are pioneers  in this remarkable journey of transformation through development of a bevy of youth rural leaders and… Read more »


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Arup Da is a simple and sincere individual from one of the rural districts of West Bengal. He has devoted his life to social service and for the welfare of the ones in need. He is a living example of how a pure intention to serve can lead to the manifestation of a great success… Read more »


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An ancient non-invasive tool of medical diagnosis Want to know something really interesting and useful? When someone with a health issue is advised to go to a “lab” and undergo multiple diagnostic tests – expensive, time-consuming and sometimes anxiety-ridden, the ancient  Ayurvedic diagnostic tool of Nadi Pariksha can be a huge relief. And what is… Read more »

Sudarshan kriya helping these Mountaineers from Arunachal Pradesh scale Everest

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Two men dreamed to climb Mount Everest and they dared to do it without the support of their guide. Post conquering Mount Everest, Arunachalee Mountaineers Kishon Tekseng and Taka Tamut unfurled Indian flag, flag of their state and the Art of Living flag at the highest peak in the world. They attribute their success to… Read more »

Happy Child Happy Chennai

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Childhood is the most precious time in our lives. It is the time when basic culture and values are nurtured and growth in the sphere of health, education, etc. takes place. Still there are many areas where children are being denied of basic facilities. One such area is the slums in Chennai where children are… Read more »

Youths in Maharashtra overcomes addictions

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Youths in Maharashtra overcomes addictions According to Hindu Mythology, during Amrit Manthan one of the 14 jewels that the ocean delivered was Varuni – The Goddess of Wine. Also smoking of Cannabis is known in India since 2000 B.C. Thus the use of alcohol and other such agents is not new in our country. According… Read more »

How I became a vegetarian!

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Krishan Verma, our favourite Yogi shares with us, a moment that changed his life forever! Many years ago, I used to go to the temple to attend their weekly service. One day it so happened that the priest couldn’t come, and for some reason, the management of the temple asked me if I could lead… Read more »

Project Pavitra – Reaching out to 2500 girls in 2 weeks

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Menstruation and menstrual hygiene has always been a silent topic in many parts of the world. This topic has been often considered as a taboo. Many people feel uncomfortable while discussing these topics and to a surprise most of them are females. Women spend about 6 to 7 years of their lives menstruating, as compared… Read more »