Salaam Kalaam

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Powerful were his missiles More powerful were his words Most powerful were his thoughts and dreams…. to transform India into a prosperous nation Avul Pakeer Jainulbadeen Abdul Kalam. Former President, eminent scientist, researcher, author and humanitarian Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam breathed his last on 27th July’15 bringing an end to a selfless life dedicated to… Read more »

1956 – A Vision and a Birth

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This creation is a mystery. The known is very little in comparison to vast realms of the unknown. Sometimes events can be dismissed as mere coincidences. At times, seemingly coincidental events can reveal a great mystery. Consider the following two seemingly unrelated phenomena and join them up in a logical sequence; you get a hard-to-dismiss… Read more »

Nepali Topi Diwas

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Nepal is a country rich in heritage and tradition. It is endowed with mountains as high as the Everest and plains of the tarai. The Nepalese (Gorkhas to many) owe their origin to various surrounding geographies, be it Tibet or north India. The Shah dynasty which ruled Nepal for most part of its existence could… Read more »