Art of Living with the Mountain of Love

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… I still remember the excitement and flutters I experienced while waiting for the vacations as a child growing up in Abu Dhabi. Vacations meant traveling to India, and India for me meant, hills! Our beautiful ancestral village in Himachal Pradesh… That was when my love affair with the mountains really started! The whole day… Read more »


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Curries are well-blended combinations of spices added to foods to aid digestion. They can be made up with as few as three or four spices, or as many as a dozen or more seasonings. Buttermilk curry (kadhi) Preparation time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 2 ½ cups fresh butter milk or yogurt 3 ½ cups water ¼… Read more »

Art of Living victory for Indian Army Colonel

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A decade and half ago, I suffered from an ailment very common to the soldiering community ‑‑ a torn knee ligament.  Having been a frontline sportsman with excellent skills at arms and field craft, life could not have been more bothersome in the wake of the injury. More than the jerked knee, the pain lay… Read more »

Barfi – Learning From Silence

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Caution: Don’t read this before you watch Barfi … Strictly. Barfi came in to me with that brilliantly melodious background music and kept me glued to the screen throughout. I literally enjoyed it frame by frame. And I am glad I did, for every frame in this movie taught me something valuable. Life also does the same;… Read more »

The Monk who sold his discotheque

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It lasted 15 years – Parties, music, cigarettes, and alcohol. At 35, I owned a discotheque, Coyote, the most happening disco in Paraguay. All this had been fun during my 20s. But in the 30s, I was looking for a way out but I didn’t know what the new way would be or and how… Read more »

Divine Recipe shared by Art of Living Bloggers

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Not everything is revealed to everybody! That’s why we say, Raaz Ki Baat Ko Raaz Hi Rehne De! Of course, a few (like AoL Bloggers) are blessed to have special entitlements to some of the sacred secrets! Hence, this rare nugget of wisdom is being shared only with the readers of this blog. Here we… Read more »