Volunteer for a better India

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Such a multitude of religions, castes, Gods, cultures, cuisines, languages, scriptures, music, rituals  etc… all are part of vibrant whole. This is India. I am fortunate and proud to be an Indian. I salute all the freedom fighters, who fought together without any barriers of caste and religion and got freedom to this country. They were… Read more »

Time to Volunteer for a better India

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Hi, It is me, “Time”. I am sure you have heard me tick, or you have heard me ring or beep and wake you up every morning. You have heard me chime on the hour and every quarter. You have seen me as blinking dots in this electronic age. But, perhaps you have never heard… Read more »

I want a better India

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The recent brutal gang-rape of a young female student in Delhi, while extreme, is by no means an isolated incident. Violence, of varying degrees, against women happens across the country on a daily basis. The statistics are staggering. If anything, the ghastly event in Delhi became a tipping point for the nation to pour onto… Read more »

Art of Living Eats: DATES (KHAJOOR) CAKE

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DATES (KHAJOOR) CAKE Ingredients 1 cup de-seeded dates (khajoor) 2 teacups refined flour (maida) 1 cup sugar ½ cup refined oil 1 cup milk ¼ cup thick curds 2 level teaspoons cooking soda I tsp. vanilla essence Rosted walnuts and chocolate syrup Method: • Sieve the flour and soda together and keep aside. • Place… Read more »

Art of Living Eats : CHOCO – VANILLA PUDDING

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If you are in the mood for something sweet, it is the right mood to be in. Grab your apron, and let’s begin to prepare the most delicious savories of all times. CHOCO – VANILLA PUDDING Ingredients 8 slices of bread 4 tablespoons drinking chocolate or cocoa 1 teaspoon coffee powder 3 tablespoons powdered sugar… Read more »

Four Years Away

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Four years back, these days (4-9Nov 2008) I was attending my 1st YES!+ course. It was my first official encounter with Sri Sri. Here is something straight from my heart about YES!+ and its MAGIC on me. For me YES!+ is different … 🙂 Eyes are the same,but vision is different .. 🙂 words are… Read more »