Gita Gyan from Sri Sri – Day 1

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“Bhagvad Gita has the depth of the Ocean & the vastness of the Sky. Drops in the ocean and stars in the sky are not enough in comparison to the Knowledge in the Gita. Don’t think the Gita got over long time ago. It’s still going on everyday in each and every person’s life.”  Sri… Read more »

Sri Sri and the most wonderful job in the world

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was an exceptionally precocious adolescent, who showed a keen interest for the spiritual world early in life. He completed his degree in science and Vedic literature by 17. He was young, but already felt that a special destiny awaited him: “At 17, I felt the whole world was my family. I… Read more »

Art of Living and Punjab govt tie up to fight drug addiction

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The Punjab Government will soon launch a joint venture with the Art of Living Foundation — a non-Government organisation — for helping the Punjabis to get rid of drug addiction in the State. With the debate over gravity of drug menace in Punjab gaining momentum, the state government will launch a programme with the Foundation… Read more »