Bohr & Sri Sri – a crazy connection

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In the beginning of twentieth century, Neils Bohr conceived the first quantum mechanical model of the atom-which could explain why there are distinct colors in star lights for example. Another giant who found out the nature of electrons and the principle that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state-was Wolfgang Pauli. His… Read more »

Uttarakhand calling

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Clouds of calamities cannot hide  the sunshine of courage, compassion and commitment that numerous volunteers are showing in Uttarakhand. They inspired me to pen these lines in dedication to our volunteers and Indian Army jawans on ground   They say faith can move mountains And then there are those Whose faith is unshaken Even when mountains collapse… Read more »

Art of Living with one’s own mind

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Usually we think of scientists as people narrowly focused on their specialities. What would a scientist have to do with spirituality? Well, one of the greatest physicists since Einstein, the famous Richard Feynman was fascinated by the workings of the mind and experimented with different meditation techniques. His experience with hypnosis and the power of belief… Read more »