Diwali in the Real Sense

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In the Vedic tradition, Diwali is actually spelt as Deepavali or Deepa Oli (in Tamil) which means the row of the light Diwali, the popular name for ‘ The festival of lights’ is celebrated to commemorate the defeat of the demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Another version says that after the war, Lord Ram returns to Ayodhya… Read more »

Nadhopasana – an easy way to reach the Self

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Can anyone attain liberation without Nadhopasana ?? – Sings the muscial Saint Swami Thyagaraja (One of Trinity in South Indian Carnatic Music) The word Nadhopasana, coming from Sanskrit lanuage, is made up of two words Naadha –and Upasana. Upasana means sitting near or being with. Naadha Upasana means being with the Naadham. Naadha is the primodial… Read more »

Spiritual Dimension to Climate Change problem

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Science and Spirituality are not two separate entities. They are two sides of the same coin says Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji (Can be followed on www.twitter.com/srisrispeaks). SSIOC – Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change is a yeomen project that has been initiated by Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Trust… Read more »