Navabrindavan Visit – a sacred experience

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Recently, we visited Nava Brindavana located on a small mound-like island, east of the Anegondi village on the banks of Tungabhadra river.  Anegundi village is about 8 km from Gangavathi, a taluk in Koppal district of Karnataka, India.   The nava Brindavan island is a very sacred place, for it houses the nine tombs of… Read more »

Art of Living and sheikha of Bahrain

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As an Art of Living teacher I have experienced how Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar touches the core of every heart, even of those who are hard-core skeptics. One time, I was giving an Art of Living program to a group of sheikhas in Bahrain. Sheikhas are Arab ladies from the royal families. One of… Read more »

If I can make churmuri, so can you!

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One evening this December, we had a rare opportunity of staying home after a long time. My husband eagerly spread out the scrabble board, our favorite pastime, while I pottered around in the kitchen  to make cups of  nice and hot  filter coffee. A big plastic container full of puffed rice sitting demurely on the … Read more »

Sri Sri and Mysore pak

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One time, in a blessed moment of being in his presence in Ganga kutir at Art of Living Ashram, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gave me a piece of freshly made Mysore pak as Prasad. Not a person particularly fond of sweets, I must admit Mysore pak is an exception.   Once out of kutir,… Read more »

I want life, not a lifestyle

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I want life, not a lifestyle. I long not to get lost in the ‘madding crowd’ running after empty pleasures. I long to be amidst flowers and trees, butterflies and birds, music, dance and meditation. I long to see children playing , in mud, with pebbles, on the sea shore building sand castles, tongue twisters,… Read more »

Jai Gurudev works!

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Ramakrishna ji, a disciple of Sri Sri in Chikka Ballapur shared this incredible experience. One time, an elderly couple, who were in grief because their nephew had run away from home, met Ramkrishna ji. Being humorous by nature he wanted to lighten the situation. So he jokingly said, “Don’t worry. I have a mantra which… Read more »

Want to meet Sri Sri? It is very easy…

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A Master is never out of reach for the one who seeks Him out sincerely! I was blessed to experience it first hand. It was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar2006. Art of Living Silver jubilee celebrations were around the corner. Bangalore Ashram had set up sort of Call Centre to attend to the enquiries that were… Read more »