The wisdom vacuum

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A sincere seeker rues the paucity of wise men who can purvey wisdom in a glut of of storytellers and preachers. By M Rajaque Rahman There is a crisis of wisdom in the world today. Information is available in abundance. Knowledge is almost everywhere, but wisdom is very rarely seen. Sacred scriptures, be it the… Read more »

Sri Sri at Ramlila ground, a show of Cow Culture

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The venue was the same. The mission almost identical. Even the crowd was quite similar. It is tempting to dismiss the clarion call given by Sri Sri at Ramlila ground, to volunteer for a better India, as a mere show of strength which is doomed to fizzle out. After all, wasn’t this the fate of recent confluences… Read more »

Past Life Reading : Sharing the Secret

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An anonymous journalist reveals his trysts with his past lives. When I went to attend a spiritual self-development course 10 years ago, I was fascinated by a set of questions the instructor gave as homework on the third day of the workshop. One of the questions “When did you come to this planet?” sounded silly…. Read more »

Yoga in Islam : A form of ibaadat (prayer)

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Rajaque Rahman, a Practising Muslim talks about how blinkered interpretation of what’s permitted and forbidden in Islam is making the Muslim world hesitant to take advantage of universal healers like yoga and meditation. Even as I was persuading a group of Muslim elders in Itanagar — the capital city of eastern-most Indian state of Arunachal… Read more »