Let’s make a better India – VBI

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Roj subah jab akhbaar khola              Vahi khabron ka bhadkta hua shola  Chupchap khada har insaan Bachate hue bas apni jaan Har koi jeeta hai apne liye Rojmarha jindagi ka bojh dhoye Jab tak nahi khudko chubta Kisi ka jameer tab tak nahi jagta Aisa kab tak chalega ? Kab… Read more »

I will Hangout with Sri Sri

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(Rajita is an International TLEX trainer ( www.tlexprogram.com), President of the World Forum for Ethics in Business (www.wfeb.org), Member of Board of Governors SriSriUniversity (www.srisriuniversity.edu.in), Trustee of SSRVM (www.ssrvm.org) and an Art of Meditation teacher (www.artofliving.org)! Follow her on twitter (@RajitaBagga) To know more visit-http://rajitakulkarni.blogspot.in/

Volunteer for a better India

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It’s one month since the brutal, inhuman rape and murder of the “Braveheart” in Delhi. An incident that awakened the spirit & voice of the whole country. Minute by minute accounts of the courageous girl’s fight for survival & the outrage erupting on the streets of Delhi, had the whole country riveted. Everyone in Delhi participated…. Read more »

Making life a music to the ears

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I love everything about good Hindi film music. The hummable tunes, the profound lyrics, the variety of instruments used, the legendary singers, the memorable picturisation!! I feel that Hindi music unites friends, families and communities. It’s hard to find an Indian anywhere in the world who doesn’t have a view on it. No celebration or… Read more »