Feathered Love

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We met in the eighties. I was a young student staying at my aunt’s house in the suburbs of Mumbai. One late evening, I returned from my classes to find a sparrow lying on the floor of my room. It was injured with its wings cut. What had caused it? There was no doctor anywhere… Read more »

Master’s Grace is like Sun rays

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The Master’s Grace like Sun rays, Is always there It needs no invite Amid the complexities, it seeps in through the knots and patterns of the mind. Zig zag it flows Bringing love and joy in our lives. It’s always there Unseen and yet seen 🙂

Blossomed Hearts

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Flowers are fresh, blossoming; it is completion. Feelings are also like that. Every day they blossom then they die off. It make you feel good, wonderful, then it goes. Those very positive emotions come; they are like fully blossomed flowers. “This is how I am inside; I feel fresh, alive, beautiful.” If you don’t feel like… Read more »


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  See the Guru beyond the personality. A step which takes you up can bring you down also. A ladder helps you to go up, and the ladder cab bring you down. So, once you have come on the ladder to the roof, then remove the ladder. You get inspired by hearing here and there,… Read more »

Sri Sri and the Art of Meditation

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“Service is seeing God in the person next to us,  and meditation is seeing God within us.” Meditation is not concentration; Meditation is deconcentration, Where the mind relaxes into itself ~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  


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. ………………  dots in a row is a dotted line _____________put together is a straight line /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\with bends is a curved line _/\/\_/\__/\__/\/\/\___/\/\____/\__ All togther is LIFE LINE  

Four Pillars of Knowledge

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The evening view of lake-side Garden – Radhak Kunj at Art of Living International Ashram  provides  a beautiful reminiscence  of   Sri Sri  talk on the The  Four pillars of Knowledge. Discrimination (Viveka) Dispassion (Vairagya) Six  Wealths (Shat Sampati) Wanting to be Free (Mumukshatva)  are the four pillars essential for seekers on the spiritual path.