Barfi – Learning From Silence


Caution: Don’t read this before you watch Barfi … Strictly.

Barfi came in to me with that brilliantly melodious background music and kept me glued to the screen throughout. I literally enjoyed it frame by frame. And I am glad I did, for every frame in this movie taught me something valuable. Life also does the same; just that we don’t learn from it.

Sacrifice – I remember the scene where Jhilmil shouts from the window when Barfi was about to leave without finding her. Shruti had a choice to walk in to Barfi’s life then. But after a moment of thought, she sacrifices her own life and leaves Barfi to Jhilmil. It needed the extreme in her to sacrifice all, when she had already left her husband and family just for Burfi and didn’t know where to go. Shruti, this act will keep you forever in the books of Love and Sacrifice for the coming years…

Test for Love:  Everyone has their own ways of testing the intensity of the Love in their partner. Barfi too had his own unique way. And he found the one who did not leave when it mattered. And that really mattered. The one who left him in the test actually left him one or the other way in life too. It reminds me of an incident, when once in the golden seashore of Marina Beach we were beaten up by the fishermen because of one my friend’s prank. When a huge crowd was beating my friend all our friends ran away, except the two of us. After the incident while we were walking back to the bus stop I remember my friend saying, “It takes such incidents in life to know the true friends around you, who will stay with you when it really matters.”

Silence:  I liked the way director Anurag Basu has experimented with silence at a totally new level in Barfi. Simply Classic! Every expression communicates, giving a new depth to our understanding of the characters and enjoying them.

Love – Loving someone with the question, “Will I will be happy with him/her or not?” is something. But just being Love is the ultimate thing. Thanks to that something that didn’t grow in Jhilmil, she could be natural and just be the Love she is….

You may be dumb, deaf, physically and mentally challenged, but Love works. You respond to Love; In fact, you only respond to Love. And how many such Jhilmils would have left us permanently because we took Love for granted sometime. Barfi was lucky to get her back…but we may not be.

So, start Loving and expressing Yourself; Identify and be aware in the moments where God shows you the ones who really matter — who will stay with you when it really matters. Be cautious not to lose your love to ignorance or arrogance. Never let go off a chance to sacrifice, for that takes Love to the next level.

Communicate to the whole world with Silence & Celebrate, with Love, with Sacrifice. Smile and Serve through the Art of Living by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Submitted by Art of Living Teacher Prakash Athrayil

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  1. If you watch Chalie chaplin or any silent good movie you find better results as they are original and you can feel alot connected to each scene… That’s why they are classics… But Ranbir was amazing in the movie… 🙂

  2. Great commment on “Barfi”. Just watched it. Good watch. Walked out of the theatre with a silent smile. Kudos to Anurag Basu for a very sensitive yet positive script. The characters were potrayed very well by Ranbir, Priyanka and IIleana.

  3. First of all, I became a great fan of the songs of this movie, composed with the flavor of the 60s. I couldn’t agree more with my friend more who urged me to listen to its songs, saying, “this is 1 of those albums in which all the songs are good.” & did i like them? Big time!!! The lyrics of songs ‘Aashiyan’ & ‘Kyon’ give out profound messages for life.
    Now about the film, I saw it last wkend & i’m still in Barfi’s duniya!!! The last scene of merry-making with the masked entertainers invited by Barfi just & just bcoz he knew & remembered that they will make Jhilmil the happiest; made me literally cry till the lights were on in the theater.
    Very well written article! Unconditional love, tht’s Art Of Living! 🙂

  4. Its true…The Movie touched many hearts…and yes we get that one opportunity whether its love,job,or decisions …its comes like a wind and goes off, and to grab such opportunity and make the best use of it, U need Clarity and guts.

  5. 1.The first poem we listened,saw and hymned in 2004 as penned by Sanjay Leela Bhansali named BLACK telling us about Michelle McNally and Devarj Sahay as student and teacher who deceived darkness of their world in their own time…now after eight good years it’s Anurag Basu who turns the life story of three people into one of the most amazing rhyme ever happened in the world of cinematic poetry…come one come all…let us take a journey to the amazing world of Barfi and Jhilmil…narrated by her flashback to the Darjeeling and Kolkata of 70’s…let us be deaf and dumb to the world cunning beyond the doors of the auditorium for 2.5 hours and live the life…in and as BARFI style.

    2.Wonder when tears became sparkling ocean of joy…remember when heart skipped a beat for the simple giggle of your loved one…rejoice the gone moment when heart just felt love wordless but not enough for a lifetime….dwell in the lone corner of a left behind room still filled with memories of a small patch of endless time blanket which has it’s folds odoured with life lived like never before…and ever desire to feel all these emotions in a short 2.5 hour visit to your nearest cinema hall?Don’t worry..just grab a ticket of a film called BARFI which is no less than a oasis in this film desert where worthless so called 100 cr box office mark acheiving idiotic superstars(?)offer nothing but harsh sand and bitter sun of putrid script and blistering sound enough insulting for the taste,educational background and thinking of modern-day audience.Welcome to the world of Barfi..of Jhilmil and of course Shruti…narrated by a lonely woman who saw and experienced love,friendship, relationship,feelings and life with eyes of her own and us in one of the most remarkable films ever made in the history of NO ONLY INDIAN BUT WORLD CINEMA ALSO…

    3.Thanks a ton Barfi for coming into our lives…’cause it’s easy to be a fan..but it’s tough..quite tough to make a fan out of a person who lives only for himself.Anurag, Ranbir, Priyanka, Ilena and the whole team of Barfi made me..made us see, live and relive the WORLD OF BARFI…AND JHILMIL…again and again even after the credit rolls end…even after we take our exit from the auditorium…even after we throw away the counterpart of the ticket from our purse..even after we finish our tea next day morning..even after we reform our plans for daily affairs next…even after we re-enter our own world and try to be happy and successful on our own subtleties…Barfi, Jhilmil and Shruti remain with us…they do not depart in spite of our lives tangled…they do not stray into a memory lesser…they do not get obliviated under the many layers of a life bothered by assurance and tricks…they stay afloat in our world no matter how cunning it conspires around us..they charm their way into our hearts nevertheless.Barfi is a timeless classic..lived by a man in a never ending era of human survival through all odds…loved by a woman who had her heart up on her sleeve even when she was isolated by family and friends eventually…and last but not the least…sacrificied by another woman who heartened the true meaning of love only after experiencing the array of life-hues unbarred by social and family restrictions.

  6. I’m just reminded on Gurudev’s line… ‘ To the degree one is aware, every everything brings knowledge’… This post so nicely brings out the line ! Really nice piece of writing 🙂 !

  7. WOW.. Beautifuuly written..
    Such a deep interpretation expressed in such a simple way..
    Really very well done 🙂
    Feel it to know it..
    Know it to feel it

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