It is a great blessing to be an Art of Living Blesser. During the course of a decade of being a Blesser, I have been blessing personally and sending distance blessings to many upon request. I am also registered in the community of Art of Living Online Blessers. Many come back to me with gratitude and report their issues being resolved after receiving Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s blessings through me. I take it in a matter of fact way because I know how powerful He is and how He lovingly takes care of everyone who comes to Him with total faith.

I would like to share one such Guru Blessing Story with you all. Please do read till the end. There is a climax to the story. Surprise!

I reproduce the following FB messenger message from Neha Anand Vohra.

1/8/2014 5:28 pm

Jai Gurudev Leela Ma’am

I finally found you on FB. I had done a Silence Course with you in Jan 2014 and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to another one in November.




Just had a fabulous time with Gurudev in Canada two weeks ago

smileys - Copy



Jai Guru Dev…..

Me: Great! Happy for you. Jai Guru Dev.
You can see I had no personal bonding with Neha. I do not remember the face and name of all my participants who come to ashram to do the course. That does not mean we are not connected though!


Then another message follows from Neha.
10/12/2014  6:45 pm

Jai Gurudev Leela Aunty

Please send Gurudev’s blessings to me and my husband Ankur Vohra. It is our 5th Wedding Anniversary. An extra blessing so that we can complete our family soon. Right now, it is just the two of us. Trying for a baby these days. I need His blessings so that a good soul enters our family..a spiritual soul


Much love

smileys - Copy (2)

Me: Blessed  abundantly. Close your eyes and receive. Jai Gurudev.

Neha: Much love and gratitude.

18/12/2014  6:01 am
Dear Aunty,
Exactly one week ago, I asked you for Gurudev’s blessings and what grace! Today I found out I have conceived.


It is just three weeks along but I wanted to tell you and thank you.


You won’t believe, it has happened a week after Silence Course finished! 5 years, no child. In the Silence Course I released something during Hollow and Empty meditation in between the chest and navel chakras.

I just hope Gurudev has sent a good soul and all is normal. Just scared till first ultra sound test. I pray for normal pregnancy, not ectopic.

With lots of love
Jai Guru Dev.

I warmed up to her. Her persistence in seeking His blessings, faith and a feeling of belonging captured my heart.

Me: So, so very happy for you. All will be well. Do not be tense. Sending blessings along again. Close your eyes and receive. Jgd


Neha:  Jai Gurudev . Thank you so much


smileys - Copy (2)




9/1/2015  9:35 pm
Neha: JGD. Blessings worked! Ultra sound was normal. Baby is growing in the uterus, not in the Fallopian tube.
All His grace.
Much love and affection.

Me: nice! Your faith has worked. I am sending distance blessings to many people every morning and you are in from now on. Jgd.

Neha: WOW! That is such a nice feeling Thank you for sending me blessings every morning.
I am due in August. I will bring the baby to Bangalore in December. Hopefully we can meet
Much love and gratitude.




Me: yes sure….

6/5/2015  5:05 pm
Hi Aunty,
Saw your message on Blessings site today. Tons of gratitude for sending blessings daily. Everything is going very smoothly by His grace. I am due in August. 25th is the date.

I am attaching some ultrasound pictures. 2 D pictures in black and white and 3 D pictures in colour which are more clear.
In the  picture, you can see the baby’s face slightly 

Much love and gratitude


Me: Oh good. All is well. Jgd

18/8/2015. 7:51 pm
Neha: hello Aunty,
Hope this reaches you in good health and high  spirits. It is my final week. Baby can come anytime between now and 25 th.
I just hope I don’t go overdue else they will do C section. Right now, they are trying for natural delivery.
Shall keep you posted.
Much love and gratitude.

Me: sending you special blessings for normal delivery

Blessings were special because I was  doing a 7 day Silence Course with Swami Brahmatej ji along with Bhagavad Gita discourse by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

I am sure the merit was shared with Neha and her baby because the very next message I see  carried  good news!

Dear Aunty,

Gurudev has been extremely kind. He has blessed me and my husband with a little angel. She came on 22nd, natural delivery, not even a tear or any stitches.

We have named her Aahna Vohra.

I could feel His presence throughout. There are no words to express gratitude to my Master.

Thank you for being with me and blessing me daily during this journey, from conception to birth.

I have attached some pictures of our angel Neha.

Sending you Tons of love and best wishes



The pictures of Aahna and her enraptured parents uplifted my spirits. For the nth time, my throat got choked at the compassion, love and care of our Master. I called Neha to congratulate her but naturally she could not pick up the call.

The story of Neha’s faith, persistence in seeking blessings and experiencing grace is remarkable. Her Bhakti made God helpless and He had to come running to her every time she called Him. What God would not do for such a devotee!

The thought of sharing her story of faith on the Art of Living blogs occurred to me just that  so many can be touched and inspired. I wanted to use her real name, photographs and the actual conversations that took place between us on FaceBook Messenger. I sought her permission.

Here is one more hair raising account of Gurudev’s Grace as experienced and shared by Neha to me. Be ready to get mesmerised!

Neha : Jgd Aunty

No, I don’t mind at all about sharing this Guru story on the blog. 

This story actually started in 2013. Many miracles have taken place since. On my 32nd birthday, I had sent an email to Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. It was the most ridiculous email. I was really hurting inside out. I had mentioned not being able to have a baby. He replied, to my surprise, saying He was sending His blessings! The very next Long Kriya session was very powerful. As I got up from the floor, a note fell from my shawl from nowhere! The note gave me goose bumps! ” It is a girl!” .


At that moment I was not even pregnant. I got pregnant a year later.

I was worried whether I will be able to conceive or not. I had bought very expensive ovulation monitors in preparation to start trying for a family. But His grace was such that I did not have to even open the package. have Aahana today!
Please go ahead and use this story for the blog.

There are myriad ways for the Master to come to our help. All we need is awareness, alertness, gratitude to receive the grace and the unshakable faith that “The divine loves me so much, only the best will happen to me”.

For, as HE has said “Grace has the ability to change anything anytime”.


Here is a personal message from Neha to all our readers…


What is Grace? When all our efforts fail, and perhaps we are not deserving by our karma, yet our Guru takes such mercy on our soul and grants us what we long for the most-that is Grace!!! When you have unshakable faith in God/Guru despite all the challenges and circumstances and when the time is right, not only does the Guru grant our wish but he grants it in ABUNDANCE!!!

With HIS Grace I had a very smooth pregnancy and delivery!!! Aahana is everything and more than I had desired for. Blessings work miracles! I have seen it many times for the most simplest desires to the most important desire- the next most important ingredient after blessing is faith,love and surrender on the part of the seeker.

Jai Gurudev ️​

Leela Ramesh

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Leela Ramesh


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  1. No doubt Guru is great……Thanks for sharing such a miracle story and Guru’s blessings may aboudantly shower upon you..Neha and your angel….JGD

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