Bohr & Sri Sri – a crazy connection


In the beginning of twentieth century, Neils Bohr conceived the first quantum mechanical model of the atom-which could explain why there are distinct colors in star lights for example. Another giant who found out the nature of electrons and the principle that no two electrons can be in the same quantum state-was Wolfgang Pauli. His principle made it possible for Bohr to explain the placement of the chemical elements in periodic table!

Neils Bohr and Wolfgang Pauli

 Thirty years later, Pauli along with Heisenberg were in the lounge with Bohr, wanting his opinion on their theory about subnuclear particles.

Bohr told them-“Your theory is crazy. The question is- is it crazy enough to be true?!”

A few hundred years before Bohr, Galileo extended our eyes to enable us to see the moons of Jupiter. Graham Bell extended our powers of speech and hearing to be able to hear and speak out to unseen distances. Wright brothers extended our limbs into the wings of flight. Today we have devices that can fit hundreds of microchips in the space of a fingernail, beyond the reach of even the finest human artisan.

We spend so many years learning just the basics about these upgrades of our external senses. But neither at home nor at school are we taught the technology, the science, the art that can extend our internal senses – how to keep the mind free, intellect keen-free from boredom and memory free from negativity.

 sri sri ravi shankar young-art of living blog

A child prodigy in the then recently free India, was all set to fill this vital gap, said the visionaries who met him.  His friends considered him a little crazy, owing to his disinterest in football and his phenomenal powers of meditative absorption and focus. As he grew up, he travelled the world, revered as a learned scholar even in his teens.

The child prodigy had a theory. His theory was that “Violence ends where love begins. And love is not an emotion, it is the very core of our existence.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar young art of living blog

And then one fine day, in somewhat similar circumstance as the Buddha, he ended ten days of silent meditation and started teaching techniques that were so powerful that in the years to come it would turn disinterest into dynamism, hopelessness into undying gush of enthusiasm, victims of trauma into leaders of service, even die-hard terrorists into passionate proponents of alcohol and tobacco de-addiction and non-violence, over and over again!

 The revolution has started, three decades now!  Right around the time when he started teaching, the President of India had honored the boy who was then in his twenties, with Yoga Shiromani-the highest honor awarded to the finest of the Yogis of India. The prodigy has since been nominated for Nobel peace prize three times, since his programs have even been credited with stopping wars and have inspired millions to take responsibility for the world at all levels from tiny to mighty…


That prodigy is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and his contribution- technology that upgrades the internal senses is called Sudarshan Kriya. Two hundred years ago, we could not imagine we would be able to see and hear each other across the globe and reach there within a matter of few hours. Perhaps, two hundred years later the world owing to wide dissemination of this internal technology will be such that people will be masters of their mind, with a body free from disease, a life free from stress, living in a society free from violence. Imagine how the people who used the first telephones, first light bulbs might have felt-they were a part of a new world view and perhaps they could not have imagined today’s world! At first only a few people had telephones, then a few more -the rise was slow-until ten years ago-when the tipping point came.

 UPLOADING  1 / 1 – Sri-Sri-Ravi… society.jpg ATTACHMENT DETAILS  Sri-Sri-Ravi-Shankar-launches-non violence movement for better society

We are a part of this slope toward the tipping point! It is already happening! If you think like I used to-that it is just plain crazy to dream of creating a society free from stress, violence, corruption, animosity, war… you deserve giving a fair shot to the wisdom and techniques of Sri Sri.

And one day you may remember the great words of  Niels Bohr, “…it is not only crazy, but crazy enough to come true”!!!

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  1. Neils Bohr surely would have vouched that this crazy dream is no dream but the reality waiting to unveil truth in time for TIME has taken the step to unveil it self!! jai ho! jai gurudev!

  2. jo tum ko hei pasand vohi baat kareinge..crazy dream ke saakaar hone kaa intezaar kareinge!!-aur phir log kaheing- ye toe honaa hee thaa!!

  3. So beautiful! we are witnessing the truth of vast interconnectedness, and experiencing the reality of the vision our beloved Gurudev had put up.

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