Sudarshan kriya helping these Mountaineers from Arunachal Pradesh scale Everest

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Two men dreamed to climb Mount Everest and they dared to do it without the support of their guide. Post conquering Mount Everest, Arunachalee Mountaineers Kishon Tekseng and Taka Tamut unfurled Indian flag, flag of their state and the Art of Living flag at the highest peak in the world. They attribute their success to… Read more »

Propagating Spirituality in children and youth through Art of Living programs

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Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkrutam Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge From time immemorial, whenever adharma has raised its head, enlightened Masters have taken birth in human form to uplift humanity and re-establish dharma. In the past, Lord Sri Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya and such have taken the onus for social transformation through spirituality. In Kaliyuga,… Read more »

The Joy of Living in the Mountains of Colombia

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For those seeking the solitude of nature, the mountains have had an enduring attraction. There is something mystical about the mountains covered in ice and snow and shrouded by clouds that has drawn people through the centuries. The farm we visited, located in the Central Colombian Andes, is in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by… Read more »

Rebuilding the lives through Prison Smart Program

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Both crime and criminal are treated as unpardonable in any society. Solitary confinement of criminals was thought to be an effective way to help offenders become penitent resulting in transformation. Hence, prison system emerged as the formal way of punishment and is being followed in India since Eighteenth Century. To bring about a real transformation… Read more »

Do you know that India had over 1,10,000 varieties of rice in the olden days?

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Have you thought beyond these common varieties of rice – Jeera, SonaMasuri, Basmathi, Steamed and Raw etc. Meet Mr. Mahesh Anand from Chidambaram, an ex-techie, converted into a farmer since 2.5 years. His passion to find and revive the traditional paddy varieties! He works with traditional paddy varieties – Kitchili Samba, Konakkuruvai, Katarniyam and AruvadhanKodai…. Read more »

World Earth Day

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Remembering my revered father on this World Earth Day. He was serving in Railways and had a transferable job. We lived in railway quarters, a different home every couple of years. Those days Railway quarters had a huge backyard. We would grow beans, okra, greens and flowers for family consumption.Once my father decided to plant a… Read more »

A dose of Inspiration

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Let us celebrate the journey of these 500 women who have risen like a phoenix from the ashes. The story begins with six women starting to write their futures, and little did they know, they were set on the path to change life of several hundred others. They have given the gift of a self-sustaining… Read more »