Pavitra Project

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  Project Pavitra- Taking Menstrual Education to Rural India   In India, 200 million girls lack awareness of menstrual hygiene and associated healthcare practices. 66% of the Indian girls do not know anything about menstruation before they experience it. Since adolescence is a crucial time for tremendous growth, it is imperative to empower adolescent girls… Read more »

Bringing Light to Education

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Solar electrification for 113 schools in Uttar Pradesh   Rekindling Hope   According to the Annual Status of Education Report 2016, analysis based on data from government schools in 70 districts of Uttar Pradesh, the below were the results: Despite the obvious connection between electricity and educational achievement, however, as one expert laments, in the… Read more »

Hulimavu Lake Cleaning

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This is the story of how a stinking, neglected water body was changed into a beautiful lake due the initial efforts of a single man who inspired and helped others to help themselves and were able to rejuvenate the Hulimavu Lake. Mr. Saurabh S Nair, a resident of Bannerghatta Road passed the Hulimavu lake often… Read more »

Art of Living De-Addiction Centre, Bengaluru

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Situated amidst the interiors of the Vaderahalli village, the Art of Living’s De-addiction centre in Bengaluru is creating uproars since its inception in November 2015. Having patients from pan India especially Northern regions, the centre has treated over 140 patients with a success rate of more than 70%. The centre houses over 14 dedicated employees… Read more »

Reviving aquatic life in Sengeniamman temple tank in Chennai

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Ecosystem, described as a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment, is unfortunately now getting limited to books. Ice bergs melting in Antartica is too far off to touch hearts. Floods in Uttrakhand might touch a nerve but then “life moves on.” Unless, we experience the loss, we don’t understand the magnitude of… Read more »

Manana – Picture and the Frame

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An organisation should be like a picture frame. The frame shouldn’t eat away the picture.” In other words, just as it isn’t possible to hold a picture in the absence of a frame, without an organisation any work, whether spiritual or social, can’t happen. At the same time, if the organisation becomes too bureaucratic, it’s like the… Read more »