X-Men spirituality

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“X-Men: Days of Future Past” and Spirituality Non-Violence Is Its Own Power: Science fiction blockbusters such as those in the “X-Men” series of movies have mostly been popular for their action sequences and amazing special effects. One normally would not look to such films for their spiritual guidance. However, just as one cannot find beautiful… Read more »

Big Bang on the Door

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Bang On the Door by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “BANG on the Door”, as the name suggests is actually a bang on the door to your trapped inner soul! A Bang so loud, yet so soft and loving that you can’t help opening up to welcome all that the book has to offer.   Sri… Read more »

Art of Living in Kungfu Panda

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‘Kungfu Panda’ taught me one of the most important lessons: “There IS no secret ingredient. It’s just you!” Po, the Panda, through whose journey we learn many spiritual lessons, reveals this to Tai Lung. Throughout our life we seek to be special, someone different, someone with the ingredient so secret that no one knows about…. Read more »

Israel-Palestine war must end

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Let us face the reality. Since the 1960s we have witnessed an alarming escalation of the Arab Israeli conflict. This is despite the many attempts made by several heads of states to broker peace between the two warring entities — Palestine and Israel.  It is good that the top down approach of governments, NGOs and… Read more »

Art of Living and Siddartha

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The movie Siddhartha, an adaptation of a novel with same name by Hermann Hesse, depicts the life of a young Indian seeker, who lived during the time of the Buddha. While the Book “Siddartha” by Hermann Hesse is my all-time favourite, the movie doesn’t really make the same impact. But the movie is still worth watching,… Read more »

Art of Living with one’s own mind

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Usually we think of scientists as people narrowly focused on their specialities. What would a scientist have to do with spirituality? Well, one of the greatest physicists since Einstein, the famous Richard Feynman was fascinated by the workings of the mind and experimented with different meditation techniques. His experience with hypnosis and the power of belief… Read more »

Learning Art of Living at Railway Station

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Do you remember the first time you went to the railway station? I still remember the day when I went to a small railway station with a friend who said it was fun to just hang around at a station. Unbelievable now, but then I was crazy enough to nod my agreement, remembering all the… Read more »