Devi Mahatmya – Story of Mahishasura

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Mahishasura was born out of the union of the Asura (demon) king Rambha and a buffalo. When Mahishasura became the king of Asuras, he fought a great war with the Devas (Gods). The army of the Devas got defeated. The defeated Devas headed by Brahma, went to Shiva and Vishnu. The Devas described to them… Read more »

Devi Mahatmya – Story of Madhu Kaitabh

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At the end of a kalpa (epoch), when the universe was one ocean and Lord Vishnu was stretched out  on Shesha and took a mystic slumber (Yoganidra), two terrible Asuras (demons), Madhu and Kaitabh took birth from the dirt of Vishnu’s ears. These two Asuras sought to slay Lord Bramha, the creator of the universe,… Read more »

Devi Mahatmya – Day 2

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The Devi Puja during Navratri festival is not considered complete without recitation of the Devi Mahatmya.  Recitation of verses of Devi Mahatmya is one of the most important aspects of “Chandi homa”. The Devi Mahatmya (also called as the Durga Saptshati or Chandi) is an ancient Sanskrit text dedicated to the glory of Mother Divine…. Read more »

Significance of Navaratri –Day 1

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Today is the first day of “Sharad Navartri” also called as “Maha Navaratri” (the Great Navratri). Today is the beginning of the most auspicious nine days period. Navaratri has two meanings – “New Night” and “Nine Nights”. ‘Nav” means either New or Nine and ‘Ratri’ means nights. Now, why these nine days are called nights? ‘Ratri’ or… Read more »

Sudarshan Kriya …Transforming Lives-2

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Medical findings about Sudarshan Kriya: A world conference on science, consciousness and spirituality held in New Delhi noted the key findings of research conducted on the Sudarshan Kriya. Below is a simplified synopsis: 1. Less depression, more elation Dr Richard Brown from the USA has postulated that Kriya contributes to a state of alert calmness… Read more »

Sudarshan Kriya – Transforming Lives – 1

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“Su means good, Darshan means vision, Kriya means action. Sudarshan Kriya means, by doing which action we get a vision of who we really are”. I was intently listening to the Art of Living teacher before embarking on my first experience of Sudarshan Kriya some sixteen years ago. Who am I? …was a question I… Read more »

Onam Festival Part-4-Story from the skies

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Onam Festival, Shravan Month and Shravana Star   This word “Onam” is the shortened form of Thiruvonam or Shravanam, since this event occurs in the Shravan month under the Shravana star in the Indian calendar. Shravan is the month in the Indian calendar that typically falls between July-August in North and between August-September in the South. This period is characterized by heavy rains and… Read more »

Onam Festival Part-3-Significance of Onam

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Onam-Bali Pada is an occasion for us to relate to the story of Vamana where Vamana grew from a short young boy to a giant form and with His 3 strides covered earth, skies and finally placed His leg on the head of Maha Bali, a good but arrogant king and pushed him into Pathala Loka…. Read more »

Onam Festival Part-2-Pathala Loka

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The Puranic legends of India speak of many worlds. As per the Puranas, when Vishnu, in the form of a young scholar Vamana, humbled Asura king Maha Bali, Maha Bali was banished to Pathala Loka. When the Deva overcame the Asura in battles, the Asura were forced to migrate to thePathala Loka, the netherworld or the world below. Where is this Pathala Loka? People have conjured up… Read more »

Onam Festival Part-1- The Story of Onam

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Onam commemorates the homecoming of the great Asura king Maha Bali from Patala Loka. Maha Bali, the grandson of Prahalada, was a strong and learned king. The name Bali means strong. Bali was also a person who gave a lot of respect to knowledge. This is evident from the famous episode of his encounter with Vamana. Maha Bali was… Read more »