Banana Mousse

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Ingredients: Banana 1 no. Coconut milk-thick ½ cup Rock Sugar 1 tbsp Cardamom 1 no. Cloves Powder a pinch Cinnamon powder a pinch                 Method: Grind banana, coconut milk and Rock Sugar. Mix Cardamom powder and cinamon powder. Serve banana mousse. More Lip smacking Vegetarian Recipes….

Volunteer for a better India

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Such a multitude of religions, castes, Gods, cultures, cuisines, languages, scriptures, music, rituals  etc… all are part of vibrant whole. This is India. I am fortunate and proud to be an Indian. I salute all the freedom fighters, who fought together without any barriers of caste and religion and got freedom to this country. They were… Read more »

Navabrindavan Visit – a sacred experience

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Recently, we visited Nava Brindavana located on a small mound-like island, east of the Anegondi village on the banks of Tungabhadra river.  Anegundi village is about 8 km from Gangavathi, a taluk in Koppal district of Karnataka, India.   The nava Brindavan island is a very sacred place, for it houses the nine tombs of… Read more »

Master’s Grace is like Sun rays

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The Master’s Grace like Sun rays, Is always there It needs no invite Amid the complexities, it seeps in through the knots and patterns of the mind. Zig zag it flows Bringing love and joy in our lives. It’s always there Unseen and yet seen 🙂

Blossomed Hearts

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Flowers are fresh, blossoming; it is completion. Feelings are also like that. Every day they blossom then they die off. It make you feel good, wonderful, then it goes. Those very positive emotions come; they are like fully blossomed flowers. “This is how I am inside; I feel fresh, alive, beautiful.” If you don’t feel like… Read more »


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  See the Guru beyond the personality. A step which takes you up can bring you down also. A ladder helps you to go up, and the ladder cab bring you down. So, once you have come on the ladder to the roof, then remove the ladder. You get inspired by hearing here and there,… Read more »