Celebrating Silence by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


A treasure box of truths so ancient, they’re new…

 Recall the last time you hugged someone dear, and felt love which your arms could not encircle. The last time you smelt a flower, and felt soaked with intoxication that your mind could not contain. The last time you heard a soulful strain, and felt a rhythm your heart couldn’t hold. The last time you saw a thing momentary, and perceived beauty your speech couldn’t express.

 Celebrating Silence Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Each time, you were celebrating silence.

It is to deepen the relationship of a seeker with his Self, that this book by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar begins with a title that challenges the sense driven experiential norm held by man – Celebrating Silence!


The world teaches us to celebrate with sound, with light, with energy. This manifestation of celebration can be felt and be shared tangibly. However such celebration tires us, while we want it to last, and not get over. This is man’s greatest search.


Indeed the age old dilemma in front of man has been about how to keep the spirit high, how to keep the celebration going without losing enthusiasm.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Celebrating Silence


The sublime spiritual truth dawns on man when he realises, an infinite amount of celebration is available forever, but in silence. Fortunate are the ones who receive knowledge from a Guru which allows them to be able to experience the infinite celebration available inside continually.


Celebrating Silence by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a roadmap to that journey from the noise outside, created by the various emotions, such as anger, jealously, sadness, hopelessness etc. to the cool world of solidified silence inside.  Soaked in the wisdom from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, for a true seeker, celebration dawns.


The journey in the book starts from the distortions in the mind, moves to one’s own self and finally moves towards God, or simply the Beyond.

Celebrating Silence Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The beauty of the knowledge in the words of an Enlightened Master is that they keep growing in depth with time, each reading after a passage of some more months and years reveals nooks and crannies of infinite beauty, never stumbled across before. Celebrating Silence contains many such moments on each page.


Sample this gem, “Knowledge is not in an event, knowledge is beyond events. For true knowledge one will have to consider the totality of all events, infinitely. Beyond the event is knowledge”.


Events create noise inside us all the time; somebody was nasty with us, something did not turn out the way we wanted. Vibrations of these could create so much noise inside us that it refuses to die, sometimes even for a lifetime. The result shows up as misplaced interpretations, traumatic impressions and painful entanglements. Whereas an event considered within infinite totality, disappears, becomes insignificant to the point of being laughable.

That leads us back to silence.


It is this journey – from the proverbial darkness to the figurative light, from untruth to truth, from that which withers, to that which doesn’t – that the ancient scriptures speak of.  Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has brought back the seemingly esoteric but profound truths through simple language and endearing stories in this book meant for today, while being timeless in their appeal.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Celebrating Silence

This is knowledge ancient yet forgotten, and it speaks to us directly holding us by our shoulders, our inner realization the proof of its truth. Celebrating knowledge enlivens the deep silence in us. Sometimes it is moments such as these, which bring us in touch with the core of life, the purpose for which we were born.


Celebrating silence without awareness is to mistake the source of joy to be in the world.

Celebrating silence with intention is to merge with our selves.


 About the Author

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a humanitarian and spiritual leader, an ambassador of peace and human values. Through his life and work, Sri Sri has inspired millions around the world with a vision of a stress-free, violence-free world. He has founded courses that provide techniques and tools to live a deeper, more joyous life and he has established nonprofit organizations that recognize a common human identity above the boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.

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  1. The book is an ocean of knowledge, you have awesomely put it into a nutshell . May it be longing, attraction, desires,or ego; the Master throws the light upon all the aspects of worldly as well as spiritual life. So much so, that thousands of people all over have experiences that whenever they are stuck with any question or problem in life, they get an instant answer fitting perfectly to their query as they open any page of this amazing book randomly! “Celebrating Silence” actually puts an end to all words & places you in the beautiful state of inner silence.

  2. Very easy to follow. The book is a must-have. Gives practical insights into day to day situations n the workings of our minds n relationships.. Good review!

  3. It is my BIBLE !! Each tym i am confused I just randomly open it n get the best solution possible ! A Must have

  4. Reading the outline itself fulfilled my life
    no further words in my vocabulary, i’m cleaning my hands to touch “The Solidified Silence” please bless me to touch it.

  5. This book has changed my view towards life . This book is helping me to grow mature and strong person

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