One evening this December, we had a rare opportunity of staying home after a long time. My husband eagerly spread out the scrabble board, our favorite pastime, while I pottered around in the kitchen  to make cups of  nice and hot  filter coffee. A big plastic container full of puffed rice sitting demurely on the  kitchen platform caught my eye. The thought of making churmuri to munch with coffee brightened my face. To my good luck and wonder of wonders, all the necessary ingredients were handy. Churmuri was made in a jiffy while milk boiled and coffee percolated. Our evening was made.

Art of Living Blog - Churmuri

If I can make churmuri, so can you! Here is how…

Puffed rice-2 cups
Onion-1medium, finely sliced
carrot-1 small, grated
Tomato-1small, chopped fine
Coriander/pudina  leaves-2 tbs, chopped fine
Green chillies-2, deseeded and chopped fine(Optional)
Filtered groundnut oil-2 tsp for dressing
Rasam powder-1tsp
salt-to taste
Lemon juice-to taste
Fresh grated coconut- 2tbs-garnish(Optional)
boondi/sev/roasted  peanuts-garnish(optional)

Art of Living Blog - Churmuri and Sweet Lassi

In a huge bowl combine puffed rice with salt, oil and rasam powder. Add rest of the ingredients and mix well. Serve immediately with slices of cucumber and your favourite drink.

This snack is  healthy and light, can be made in a  jiffy. Satisfies taste buds while nourishing the body with the goodness of raw vegetables and herbs.

Tip: Sprouted and lightly  steamed whole green gram (Moong) can be added to increase nutritional value and crunch.

Finely chopped pineapple pieces can be added to give a dash of sweet taste.
Possibilities are endless. Unleash your creativity to improvise on this versatile dish. Share!

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