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Dawood Ibrahim is an idiot.  He succeeded and made wealth in a community of law abiding people, by violating the rules. Dawood would have failed miserably had he lived in a lawless society, where everyone would be free to break the laws.


There is telling evidence to prove his stupidity, the most conspicuous being that not only is he a fugitive, even his family members have been killed. Surprisingly, there are many violators of law in India who are not fugitive; They have dealt with the social consequences of their actions and survived. On the other hand, this man Dawood has chosen to be perpetually on the run.

Nitin Gadkari in his foolishness mentioned his name in the same line with Vivekananda.

Even as a violator of law Dawood has failed. Neither did he conform to the law nor has he been a victor in violation. He could neither be a Duryodhana nor a Arjuna. Even Ravana and Duryodhana faced the consequence and paid the price. They both fought the war and were not fugitives.

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  1. Jigyasu

    Really admire Vinod ji’s courage in calling a spade a spade. Please continue to write neutral pieces.


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