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The Art of Living courses have found takers from across the length and breadth of the world. People from all walks of life have found the courses beneficial to their well-being. It is surprising to see the courses, despite being just stress-relief courses in their essence, have been doing more than just relieving individuals from stress – after doing the courses individuals have blossomed with efficiency, new-found talents, and smiles which don’t disappear easily.


“Under the pressure of work and a new lifestyle as a fresher who had just started her corporate journey, I had soon started to smile less and less. After doing the happiness program, I saw a great shift happen within me. I started smiling more and more. And even my work efficiency doubled.” – Manisha Tayal, Software Engineer, Sapient, Gurgaon


So, how does a simple stress-relief program deliver much more than simple relaxation? Or is our idea of relaxation not similar to the relaxation the courses wish to bring about? Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the founder of the organisation says, “Deep rest cultures talents and brings you closer to your nature. And your nature is all bliss.”

And endowing individuals with the ability to rest deeply seems to be the objective of the Art of Living courses. But how do they achieve this? To know how, let’s dive deeper into the Art Of Living’s basic-level courses:


Happiness Program


If we observe carefully, the source of stress is our own mind. The situation or person bothering us is outside, but the stress created by them is an inner-world phenomenon. Through the application of practical wisdom and practice of meditation, the mind can be trained to keep calm despite the presence of stress stimulants.

The practical wisdom and profound processes of the Happiness program give individuals tools to train their mind into calmness and restfulness with ease.

What to expect in the course?

-Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique which has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone and shown to boost immunity.

-Profound processes which give a glimpse to your inner self

-Practical wisdom that helps you remain dynamic in action and peaceful in mind



Sri Sri Yoga


Twisted hard postures is what comes to our mind when we think of yoga. But, the course content of the Sri Sri Yoga Program is bound to change your mind. The program not only teaches Yoga which is easier for beginners but also offers profound experiences which a practitioner of advanced level of Yoga craves for. The objective of the course is to help individuals unite with themselves and lead a healthier life.

What to expect in the course?

-Yoga postures ranging from mild to intense


-Breathing techniques


-Simplified knowledge from the ancient Patanjali Yogsutras

-Lifestyle tips


Sahaj Samadhi

Meditation  is often thought of as a difficult exercise done to obtain the state of thoughtlessness. What the Sahaj Samadhi course does is to simplify this exercise and make it easy for an individual to reach this state. The Sahaj Samadhi course uses the principle of mantra chanting to lead an individual into meditation. While an ordinary thought when repeated becomes a worry, a mantra when repeated becomes a tool to cut the web of thoughts, thereby leading one to a space of serenity.

The simple technique offered by the course makes itself appealing to anybody who wants to learn an easy way to meditate.


What to expect in the course?

-Effortless meditation by the use of a particular mantra


Art Excel

Studies show that meditation has numerous benefits for kids, including improved focus and self-awareness. However, what studies don’t show is how difficult it is to make kids stay at one place, let alone make them meditate. The Art Excel program solves this difficulty with fun-filled activities interspersed with meditation and mindfulness lessons.

What to expect in this course?

  • Sudarshan Kriya
  • Meditation and other breathing techniques
  • Techniques for overcoming fear and anxiety
  • Interactive processes
  • Simple tenets for daily life
  • Team games
  • Group discussions
  • Learning through fun and games


Youth Empowerment Seminar (YES!)

Adolescence is one trying phase of life where an individual faces a host of challenges: peer pressure, entrance exams, expectations of parents, and their own intense emotions. The YES! program employs meditation and practical wisdom to endow teens with the skills to overcome these challenges with confidence.


What to expect in this course?

-Sudarshan Kriya

-Meditation and breathing techniques

-Techniques for overcoming anxiety and fear

-Techniques to develop concentration

-Simple tenets for daily life

-Interactive processes, group discussions, and team games

-Confidence building and leadership

-Fun-filled activities and games




As studies find happy employees more productive, organizations can no longer ignore their well-being. And while health insurances of employees can take care of physical health, there are no official arrangements ensuring the emotional health of employees. The APEX program bridges this need and not only ensures calm and happy individuals at the workplace but also ensures improved workplace performance.


What to expect in this course?

-Sudarshan Kriya

-Practical Wisdom

-Leadership development



There are no pre-requisites for doing the above courses. Just age eligibility for the YES! And Art Excel programs. And while the course contents are different, the objective of all courses is one: a happier and healthier individual. So what are you waiting for? Come on board to the journey to your happiest and highest self! And send your loved ones on it too.


So Which program are you enrolling in?


Vandita Kothari

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