Ganesh Chaturthi festival commemorates the creation of Lord Ganapati and he is venerated for ten days with great fervour. After ten day of worship, celebration and invocation, the Ganesha idol is immersed in water as a symbol of farewell. This process of immersion is known as Ganesha Visarjan. The purpose of ‘Visarjan’ is to replenish our spiritual reserves and to remind us that material wealth is transitory and is of no use to the soul.  The process teaches us detachment and to realise that our own body, which we cherish and pamper will one day be reduced to base elements.

The 11 days of Bliss and celebration have come to a near end and so has this series of unfolding the 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. Decoding the final two forms of Ganesha here.

Durga Ganapati



Durga Ganapti is the 31st form of Lord Ganesha. He is the ruler of the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. He represent the Devi Shakti as in his name and is known to be the ‘invincible’ one, seeing waving a flag of victory over darkness. He has a Golden hue and is depicted with 8 arms holding a bow and arrow, goad and noose, prayer beads, a rose apple and his broken tusk.

The mantra to invoke Durga Ganapati is:

थपता कंचना संकासचात अष्ता हस्तो महत तनु,

दीप्तन्गुसम सारांचा अक्षम दंतम दक्षे वहाँ कराई,

वामे पसम करमुकाम चालतम जम्बूदायतत कराई,

रक्तामसूका सदा भूयत दुर्गा गणपतिर मुधे.


Thaptha kanchana sankaaschath ashta hastho mahath thanu,
Deepthangusam sarancha aksham dantham dakshe vahan karai,
Vaame pasam karmukam chalatham jambudayathath karai,
Rakthamsuka sadaa bhooyath Durga ganapathir mudhe.


Let me be kept always happy by Durga Ganapathi who wears red cloths,
Who is of the colour of molten gold with a huge body having eight hands,
Who holds an arrow, shining goad, rosary and his tusk on his right hands,
And who holds a noose, a bow, a wish giving creeper and rose apple.


Sanakathara Ganapati



The ruler of the Revati Nakshatra, the Sankathara Ganapti is the 32nd form of Ganesha. He is the dispeller of all worldly sorrows. He is seated on a lotus and has four arms holding a bowl of pudding, a goad and a noose while gesturing the boon-granting Varada mudra. He is effulgent like the rising red sun. His consort – Devi Shakti is seen carrying a beautiful lotus, glowing and bejeweled – sitting on his left lap.

The Sankatahara Ganapati Mantra is:

बालरकारुणा कांतिर वामे बालाँ वाहा ननखे,

लसाड ईंधीवरा हस्तां गौरंगीं रत्ना शोभड्याम,

दक्षे अनगुसा वरधानम वामे पसांचा पायसम पत्रँ,

नीलाम शुका सामना पीड़ेपाध्यरुणे तिशटन,

संकटहराना पायत संकतापूगढ गजाननो नित्यम.


Balarkaaruna kanthir vaame Baalaam vaha nankhe,
Lasad indhivara hastham gourangim rathna shobhadyaam,
Dakshe angusa varadhanam vame pasancha Payasam pathram,
Neelaam Shuka samana peedepadhyarune thishtan,
Sankataharana paayath sankatapoogadh gajanano nithyam.


Let my everyday sorrows be destroyed by Sankata Hara Ganapathi,
Who shines red like the infant Sun, who has on his left lap his wife,
Carrying a pretty lotus and shining with radiance and wearing jewels,
Who carries on his right hand a goad and sign of blessing,
And in his left hand a rope, pot of Payasam and is seated,
On a red lotus flower wearing blue cloths .



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