The Elusive Truth


It is said that it is very difficult to capture the reality or Truth in words. Words try to create an impression or understanding about the reality but that understanding is not the experience of the actual reality. Truth is very elusive.

To take an example – “Advaita Vedanta” claims that there is an all pervading energy field or ‘consciousness’ or ‘chaitanya’ which is the basis of this creation.

God Particle - Art of Living Blog

Scientists at CERN have also experimentally confirmed the existence of so called ‘God Particle’. It is supposed to be an energy field which gives mass to other particles. It is present in everything having mass. Essentially what Scientists are confirming now and what Vedanta had postulated are one and the same thing.

 The same truth is understood by different people in different ways.


(1) Intellectual Understanding:

A scientist’s intellectual understanding that same energy field is present throughout the universe does not in any way affect the scientist’s outlook towards life. Often, mere intellectual understanding tends to slightly inflate the ego, because the knower thinks he knows more than others.


(2) Experiential Understanding:

Few years back, I did my first “Art Of Living” course and started practicing Yoga, Pranayama, ‘Sudarshan Kriya’, meditation etc. After a few months of regular practice I observed that there was a perceptible difference in my attitude towards life. I was more relaxed and natural with people. There was marked reduction in anger, hatred, jealousy and other negative emotions. I became happier and more responsible person. When I look back, now I realize that this has happened because of newly developed sense of belongingness in me. Somewhere along the way, I faintly realized that I am not separate from others. I realized that I am part of this environment and people around me. Due to these practices, at some deep level of my consciousness I might have got the glimpse of the truth that same energy field is pervading throughout this universe. This is experiential understanding. Experiential understanding of the truth changes the fixed behaviour patterns, habits and the outlook towards life.

 art of living pranayama


I am not alone. Thousands of people practicing yoga, pranayama, ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ and mediation all over the world have experienced the same thing which I have experienced. I am convinced that, if we make these practices as a part of school and college curriculum then we can leave behind a better world order for our future generations. We can have more tolerant, more loving, more compassionate, more caring, more sharing, more responsible, more stress free, more wise and more happy future citizens of this world.

Truth Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


(3) Existential Understanding:

Look at lives of enlightened Masters (of the past and present) like Parmhansa Yogananda, Sai Baba, Sri Ram Krishna Parmahansa, H.H. Dalai Lama, Sri Sri Ravi Shankaji and many more. These Masters have been living this Truth from moment to moment. Unconditional love and unfathomable knowledge have been two unmistakable aspects of lives of these enlightened Masters. Unconditional love can dawn only with the realization that the whole universe is one Consciousness. Unfathomable knowledge can only come when your consciousness is one with the universal consciousness. You are totally connected with the existence. This is existential understanding of the same TRUTH.


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Sanjay Sabnis


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